View Full Version : CNN Headline News Debate replay. Gee, really subtle CNN.

11-29-2007, 11:37 AM
Was anyone watching the rerun of the debate on CNN Headline News about 30 minutes ago? I caught the very tailend of the debate and since I had already seen it I wasn't watching just it but flipping channels. I know one time I came back and thought I had missed the debate and they were starting it again because it was video of before the debate where they were telling people the press corps was coming onstage briefly to take pictures and would be gone before the debate started to give people their view of the stage back. Then that video cut straight to Huckabee's campaign video, so I knew the debate was actually towards the end.

Well, I was actually watching when the Confederate flag question came up. I wanted to get Romney's and Thompson's 'defining' moments where they obviously alienated a large portion of the country. Romney began his response with the mild nospeak and just as he was getting ready to put his foot in his mouth, a commercial popped up. A SINGLE commercial. In the middle of a response. The commercial ended and it was the end of Fred Thompson's response to the question. Anyone else watching this? I'm wondering what else has been cut out.

I just laughed when this happened. It was so blatant I couldn't help it. Unfortunately whoever is watching the rerun for the first time won't know what they both said for the most part and won't know how or feel compelled to go find what they said.

I've also noticed CNN has continued it's trend of false reporting. In a highlight of the segments, they said John McCain was replying to Dr. Paul's pull out the troops comment. John McCain went on his tirade by himself. Up to that point Dr. Paul hadn't mentioned anything about Iraq and there had been no questions about it at that point. And of course they didn't show Paul's response refuting him.