View Full Version : Politics1 on the debate

Bradley in DC
11-29-2007, 09:40 AM

Why the short entry today? Because I spent most of Thursday evening (after nearly 11 hours at work during the day, mostly spent writing) watching the GOP CNN/YouTube debate. It was actually a good, feisty debate. The winner tonight was probably Mike Huckabee, who registered a very strong performance. His answers exuded confidence, warmth and smart politics. Further, the shots aimed at Huckabee by rivals didn't seem to inflict any real injuries. John McCain owned the moral high ground on the torture issue, and generally seemed strong throughout. Rudy Giuliani also performed fairly well, but was on the receiving end of quite a few shots. Mitt Romney seemed to start strong in the opening moments, but was rattled early and sounded progressively worse as the event wore on. So much so that Romney's voice even seemed to falter, with halting and waffling responses on some uncomfortable questions. Fred Thompson was, well, again just present -- but was a total non-factor. Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter were largely ignored sideshows. Ron Paul stuck to his guns on Iraq and other issues -- however unpopular at times in the room -- including his gadfly belief in some sort of Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission conspiracy to create create a so-called North American Union merging the US, Canada and Mexico. If anything, Wednesday evening's debate seemed to confirm the perception that the contest is now largely between Romney, Giuliani and Huckabee (and with McCain still making a resurgent bid for the first tier).