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01-03-2014, 07:59 AM
That's meant in the friendliest of ways, of course. ;)


So, if the liberty/tea party/constitutionalist movement REALLY wants to make a difference over the long term, the question is not whether they can elect a President (although I hope they can—but it’ll take someone who can appeal to a much broader audience), or whether they can elect more Rand Paul’s, Mike Lee’s or Ted Cruz’s to the Senate (I hope they can do that, as well—although Senate races can be pretty expensive). The question is whether they will have just a bit of patience, and elect people who think like them to a whole bunch of lower offices—building the bench, so to speak, so that they’ve got people who can be credible candidates when that next position looks vulnerable or opens up due to retirement.

I’ve had several discussions over the last few months with people who are still playing the “if only we’d elected Ron Paul” game. In some respects, the libertarians (and I’m lumping the Tea Party and Constitutionalists in with them, although they don’t always fit together perfectly) can be just as lazy as everyone else. They want to see things changed, but they want it to happen “easily”—with Super Ron convincing all of the wisdom of liberty. But it’s going to take a whole lot more work, and a whole lot more time (even IF Justin Amash was old enough to run for President, and even IF we could get him elected in 2016, he’d still need a lot of help in the legislative branch of government, as well as in the state governments, where the demands for federal action (once the dollars were taken away) would be high. Here is what the “movement” needs to do, if it’s really serious about being a movement, in my opinion:

1.) Quit whining about the political parties. The parties are made up of people. Bring more people to the party, or help those who are there to understand that you’re not the enemy—be an evangelist for liberty! For better or worse, we’ve got the parties, and that’s not likely to change, given state election/ballot access laws. If you want to change that, then consider this next point….

2.) Find your own candidates for some of these lesser offices—whether your City Council or the State Legislature. And then help them get elected. Don’t just post about them on Facebook. Send them money. Volunteer to canvas neighborhoods or make phone calls. REALLY help them—don’t just talk about it. Get enough of them elected, and then you can start changing those election laws.

3.) Study and learn about effective political action. The Leadership Institute (based in Virginia, founded by Morton Blackwell) offers some of the best training on earth, and more and more of their stuff is online. If you learn about political effectiveness, that helps you to develop a PLAN (get where this is going?). If you develop a PLAN, and have CASH, then you can start bringing hope and change (for liberty) to your own little corner of the world.
If enough people start bringing hope and change (for liberty) to their own little corners of the world, it won’t take long for that to start expanding geometrically, and one day, in the not too distant future, we’ll have dozens of Justin Amash proteges in the House, and more Senators, and we’ll have some Governors, and one day (and I think that at 51, I’ll even live to see it), we’ll have a President

FACL (via Campaign for Liberty) is another good leadership class: