View Full Version : Constructive Criticism of RP

11-29-2007, 08:11 AM
Here's what I think needs improvement:

The Video- It looked homemade. It needs to be a little more polished and really zoom in on RP's popular positions.

Oneliners- I was a little disappointed that Huckleberry Hound knocked one out of the park with his "get rid of the IRS" lie. Getting rid of the IRS is our issue and our candidate is serious about it.

RP needs to have 5 or 6 oneliners ready from now on. Even if he says something unpopular for 85 seconds, if he ends with a zinger that brings people to their feet it makes him look that much better.

Work on the oneliners.

RP's worst response was on abortion. Nobody applauded. His best was on the war.

Don't ever use the words "Trilateral Commission" when at a presidential debate.

His suit looked good. I'd say he's second only to Romney in the suit department.