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- Michael Dale “Mike” Huckabee was born August 24, 1955 in Hope, Arkansas, to Mae and Dorsey Wiles Huckabee, conservative Southern Democrats.

- Mike Huckabee supported the amendment to the Homeland Security Bill which sets aside $3 billion for this purpose. These funds are intended for training and deployment of 23,000 more law enforcement personnel and erect 105 radar and camera towers.

- Mike Huckabee has pointed out that he is all for the technological steps that have been endorsed for national security like 'Smart Cards' that use RFID Chips to identify the owners.

- Mike Huckabee has been accused of dodging the issue of Capital Punishment; at times supporting and at times going against the issue. While Governor of the state of Arkansas, he is said to have carried out the death penalty sixteen more times than any other state governor.

- Mike Huckabee supports building more prisons and privatizing their management. (Nov 2002)

- Mike Huckabee: Drug education fails; punishment works. (Jun 2007)

- Mike Huckabee: Attack Iran’s nukes even if Congress says no (2007)

- Mike Huckabee previously supported lifting the embargo but later on changed his stance. Huckabee changed his stance for Cuba in an attempt to appeal to a particular group of people before an election. In December of 2007 he commented that he would veto any efforts to end trade restrictions on the Caribbean country.

- Mike Huckabee is against the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba and feels that the question of Guantanamo is more of a 'symbolic issue' rather than anything else.

- Mike Huckabee believes the government should ensure that all citizens have access to health care.

- Mike Huckabee supported the $1.10-per-hour minimum wage increase.

- Mike Huckabee believes that Farm Subsidies ok because Europe and Asia does the same. (Jan 2007)

- Mike Huckabee: Disclose political gifts, but don’t prohibit them. (Oct 2000)

- Mike Huckabee “We're a better country if we allow scholarships for illegals.” (Aug 2009)

- Mike Huckabee supports changing the rule barring immigrants from running for president. (May 2007)

- Mike Huckabee: Character IS the issue; we DO legislate morality. (Jun 2007)

- Mike Huckabee “George W. Bush has done a magnificent job.” (Jan 2007)

- Mike Huckabee “Will try to fix Social Security with FairTax.” (Jan 2008)

- Mike Huckabee: Wouldn’t propose new taxes, but won’t pledge against taxes. (Jan 2007)

- Mike Huckabee supports an Internet sales tax. (Nov 2002)

- Mike Huckabee's stand on foreign policy is twofold; get tough on terrorists and stand strong with Israel. During the 2008 campaign Huckabee stated, "as president, I will always ensure that Israel has access to the state-of-the-art weapons and technology she needs to defend herself from those who seek her annihilation."

- Mike Huckabee has been to Israel nine times in the last thirty five years and says he is a 'steadfast supporter' of Israel. In October 2007 he said that he believed that they should create a Palestinian state, but he also said that it should not be in Israel.

- Mike Huckabee has expressed his full support for the war in Afghanistan and is also of the impression that the "war should not be judged while the United States is in the midst of it."

- According to Huckabee, the Afghanistan government has been highly disappointing and clearly stated that the US cannot withdraw.

- Mike Huckabee continues to insist his viewpoint that neighboring countries should extend their support, both militarily and financially.

- Mike Huckabee “All Americans should take pride in the accomplishments of our warriors, under the superb leadership of General Petraeus.” (2008)

- Mike Huckabee “In addition, here on the home front, we must continue our vigilance in the war on terror” (2008)

- When asked, was the war worth the price in blood & treasure? “I supported Bush when he led us into this. We owe him our thanks that he had the courage to recognize a potential of weapons of mass destruction, and whether than wait until we had another attack, he went and made sure that it wasn’t going to happen from Saddam Hussein. Everybody can say we didn’t find the weapons. It doesn’t mean they weren’t there.” (2008)

- When asked, why not withdraw the troops from Iraq? “Because we are winning. We’re winning because we see in the spirit of our own soldiers a sense of duty and honor that they are being able to carry out a mission that they were sent there to do. To take them out of it not only means we lose, but it means we totally destroy their sense of morale, and it may take a generation to get it back.” (2007)

- Mike Huckabee: Iraqi government disappointing, but we can’t up & pull out. “We’re all frustrated with the Iraqi government. I think that given the extraordinary sacrifices that Americans have made to help them be strong and to be free, their internal squabbles are a great disappointment.” (2007)


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William Tell
08-10-2014, 02:48 PM
Huckabee Files

Mike Huckabee has a history of supporting liberal policies.


Saturday, May 31, 2014

Liberals Support More Government Control Over Our Lives. So Does Mike Huckabee. Don't Take Our Word For It. See His Record Of Words And Actions For Yourself. (http://taxhikemike.blogspot.com/2014/05/liberals-support-more-government.html)

The Truth: As Governor, Mike Huckabee Raised Taxes By More Than 500 Million Overall (http://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/huckabee-biggest-biggovernment-conservative)

The Truth: As Governor, Mike Huckabee Increased Spending By More Than 65% (http://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/huckabee-biggest-biggovernment-conservative)

The Truth: As Governor, Mike Huckabee Increased The State Minimum Wage (http://www.clubforgrowth.org/perm/?postID=4548)

The Truth: As Governor, Mike Huckabee Opposed Repealing The Sales Tax On Basic Essentials (http://www.clubforgrowth.org/perm/?postID=4548)

The Truth: Mike Huckabee Supported A Federal Smoking Ban (http://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/huckabee-biggest-biggovernment-conservative)

The Truth: Mike Huckabee Supported Federally Controlled Arts Programs In Schools (http://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/huckabee-biggest-biggovernment-conservative)

The Truth: Mike Huckabee Supported Increased Federal Agriculture & Energy Subsidies (http://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/huckabee-biggest-biggovernment-conservative)

The Truth: Mike Huckabee Praised Obama As "Patriotic" (http://www.mediaite.com/tv/hate-mail-alert-mike-huckabee-on-ron-pauls-fanatical-believers-and-decent-patriotic-barack-obama/)

The Truth: Mike Huckabee Believes It Is A Religious Duty to Stop Climate Change (http://www.salon.com/2007/11/19/huckabee_6/)

The Truth: Mike Huckabee Supports Cap & Trade (http://www.unitedliberty.org/articles/tax-hike-mike-supports-cafe-standards-and-cap-and-trade)

The Truth: Mike Huckabee Supports Common Core (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jun/5/huckabee-urges-states-back-common-core/)

The Truth: Mike Huckabee Agreed With In-State Tuition Breaks To Illegal Aliens (http://www.examiner.com/article/mike-huckabee-wants-to-give-tuition-breaks-to-illegal-aliens)

Mike Huckabee Talks A Good Game, But Actions Speak Louder Than Words. And Sometimes, He Lets His Progressive Tendencies Slip Out As Well.

Don't Let his Charm Fool You: Mike Huckabee Wants Nothing To Do With Free Markets, Individual Liberty, And Limited Government.
http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?457603-Tax-Hike-Mike-The-Mike-Huckabee-Files (http://taxhikemike.blogspot.com/)