View Full Version : Mccain vs Ron Paul

11-29-2007, 02:17 AM
Well we all know how the Neo cons like to tie their message of MORE WAR in with the troops. We seen it happen at the CNN debate when Mccain turned the Fair Tax question into a attack on Ron Paul.

I thought it over

Paul could've said Listen Mccain Our troops have been in war for over 5 years, longer than ww2, their serving multiple tours. i think its time they come home so they can spend the holidays with their family instead of in iraq with you.

Then brought up how much its costing us. And how you dont fight thugs by sending 150,000+ troops into the wrong country.

Then Ended it with NO i dont support the Fair Tax I support NO TAX.

Oh well Ron Paul still nailed his ass.

EDIT* does anyone else notice in each debate the candidate attacking Ron Paul is always standing next to him? coincidence?