View Full Version : Vinoy Park straw poll - from someone who was there all day

11-29-2007, 02:08 AM

This was the pay to vote one, the one that was actually supposed to count, that took place before the CNN/Youtube debate around the corner by the way.

This is absolutely ridiculous. I was there from 3pm to about 6:30pm, and the place was a Ron Paul rally. It was ABSOLUTELY DOMINATED with Ron Paul supporters. At least 7/10 people there were adorned with Ron Paul shirts, stickers, ect. When the plane went over the park was overwhelmed with loud Ron Paul cheers. There were plenty of people there, including the famed Clearwater Ron Paul meetup organizer, recording with cameras.

There were a lot of Romney signs, but not a single person I saw had any Romney gear on (shirts, hats, pins, ect).

The result is ludicrous. Absolutely insane. I AM SO F*CKING PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW. We paid 20 bucks to vote in the thing and it got flat out rigged.

edit: 534 votes for Paul is easily 1 per person there over the 3 hours I was there. I'd be hard pressed to say I saw 50 Romney supporters there, saying 1000 people voted for him when there were not even 1000 people there is absolute bulls*it.

Oh and the trolley that "bussed us in" ran from the Palladium theater 3 blocks away to the straw poll so we didn't have to walk. They make it sound like we bussed people in from all over florida.

I crossposted this in general grassroots too, it applies to both.

Mark Rushmore
11-29-2007, 02:12 AM
The campaign had a plane sporting pro-Paul slogans and a boat touting him, too

Is it even worth correcting these lazy assholes? The *campaign* had, did it?

11-29-2007, 02:21 AM
Yeah everything was organized and paid for by the super awesome meetups and other patriotic individuals. I posted a comment, but yeah why bother. If only the general public knew the extreme corruption of all these events, and the extreme misreporting by the MSM.