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12-12-2013, 02:02 PM
Here's the part talking about Greg Brannon:


But [Thom Tillis'] conservative bona fides are already being aggressively challenged by at least four candidates in the May primary, including Bill Flynn, a radio talk show host, and Heather Grant, a nurse practitioner. Two of them — Brannon and Harris, who have never held elected office — are seen as the most likely to make it into a runoff with Tillis, if not defeat him outright.

Brannon, an obstetrician from Cary, N.C., is aggressively courting the tea party wing of the GOP, driving 50,000 miles across the state and attending local tea party events, including one here in Lenoir, a town of fewer than 20,000 located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Speaking to a crowd of about 20 people in a public library, Brannon laid out a detailed case about the limits of the government’s powers under the Constitution. He took shots at Tillis for not doing more as state House speaker to battle the Obama agenda. And Brannon did not mince words about his own party’s leaders in Washington, saying House Speaker John Boehner and McConnell “left us; we didn’t leave them.”

A woman shouted, “Yes!”

Later, in an interview, Brannon said he wanted to fashion himself after leading tea party Sens. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. The candidate said flatly that he would “vote for someone else” other than McConnell as GOP leader if he wins election next year.
Brannon went on to say that he would eliminate virtually every federal function added after the year 1800 — including activities like food inspection — that he says should be performed by state, not federal, regulators.

Brannon is certainly not afraid to hide his strong views, even if it may alienate middle-of-the-road voters. The Federal Reserve, Brannon believes, is an agency more in line with one of Karl Marx’s planks than with the U.S. Constitution. He doesn’t believe threats of default if the U.S. debt ceiling isn’t raised. He believes Medicare and Social Security should eventually be privatized. And GOP leaders, he argues, should continue trying to defund Obamacare, even if it risks another government shutdown.

Tillis, Brannon says, would fall in line with the “Big Government progressives” who lead the GOP in Washington. And he criticized Tillis for not doing enough to attack Obamacare and the administration’s education initiatives.

“I think Thom has shown he likes the role of government in the hands of the people he likes,” Brannon said, rather than limiting the role of government in people’s lives.

Tillis shot back: “For someone who hasn’t served in office, for someone who hasn’t executed on an agenda, you gotta wonder: Are they really capable of doing it?”

Even though he was endorsed by Paul, the 53-year-old Brannon is fighting the libertarian label, trying to make the case he’s a fierce social conservative, too. He points out he’s a born-again Christian with seven children, and that he fiercely opposes same-sex marriage. Marriage, Brannon told an approving crowd, is a “God-given institution between a man and a woman. End of story.”



12-12-2013, 02:20 PM
Press is definitely labeling it as Tillis v. Brannon as the main attraction. People will latch onto the lack of political experience as a reason to hammer Brannon. Credentials are one thing, having served is another. Folks said the same about Rand Paul, they say it now about Nancy Mace and now with Brannon. True as it may be, that Tillis has a record to run on also means there are bound to be flaws that can be exposed.

As for the whole marriage thing, I'd rather people just take the stance Ron Paul stated when he spoke at George Washington- people should have the freedom to be with whom they wish, so long as that view is not forced onto other people.