View Full Version : Rand Paul Op-Ed: Why the GOP Is Stepping Up in Detroit

12-10-2013, 11:17 PM
Why the GOP Is Stepping Up in Detroit

December 10, 2013

On Friday, the Michigan Republican Party opened a new political office in Detroit. Some pundits raised their eyebrows: The Motor City isnít particularly known as a hub for Republican politics or conservative activism.

Yet thatís the point. It hasnít been, but it should be. And it will be.

Sen. Paul spoke at the officeís opening and later talked with community leaders from the Detroit area about how to help cities in need of economic growth. Chairman Priebus also recently traveled to Detroit for a roundtable with local business leaders. While there, he announced the RNCís hiring of Wayne Bradley as state director of African-American engagement and the formation of the Michigan Black Advisory Council.

Critics might question our efforts, but as Republicans we believe in fighting for individual freedoms and equal opportunity for all, so we will listen to all voters in all neighborhoods, towns and cities. If a political party wants to have an impact, it canít be in the business of going only where it already has supporters. It should be in the business of going where it can lend its support to important causes and continue to earn the trust of voters in return.