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11-06-2013, 06:56 PM
This thread is intended to be a collection point of the strong pros and cons of any potential liberty candidate / campaign that is being discussed / promoted on the forum. You are welcome to post both positive and not-so-positive attributes about the candidate as they related to their position on supporting liberty as well as issues relating to their campaign. The most important information may be aggregated in this top post for easy reference.

Candidate Name: Curtis Coleman
Office Sought: Governor, Arkansas
Website: http://www.curtiscoleman.com/
Social Media: Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CurtisColemanforGovernor) | Twitter (http://twitter.com/curtiscoleman)

Candidate Profile: On the Issues
Civil Liberties: [Rating TBD]
Constitutional Issues: [Rating TBD]
Economic Issues: [Rating TBD]
Foreign Policy: [Rating TBD]
Social Issues: [Rating TBD]
Overall Issues Rating: [Rating TBD]

Race Profile: Competition & Demographics
State: Arkansas
District: N/A
Incumbent: Mike Beebe (http://governor.arkansas.gov/Pages/default.aspx) (D-AR) - term-limited, cannot seek re-election
Other Primary Candidates: Debra Hobbs (http://debrahobbsforgovernor.com/), Asa Hutchinson (http://www.asaforgovernor.com/)
Non-Incumbent Candidates from Other Parties: Mike Ross (http://www.mikeross.com/) (D), Frank Gilbert (L)
Cook PVI: R+14 (Solid Republican)
Relevant poll numbers: None.
Overall Race Profile Rating: [Rating TBD]

Miscellaneous Pros/Cons
Key strong points: Endorsed by Ron Paul (link (http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?405920-Ron-Paul-Endorses-Curtis-Coleman-for-Governor-of-Arkansas)).

Unknown points for further research:

Possible weak points:

Possible deal breakers:

Overall Rating:

11-12-2013, 08:01 PM
Ron Paul Endorses Curtis Coleman for Governor of Arkansas

Haven’t we had enough of the Big Government, big spending establishment in BOTH parties taking our nation to the very brink of bankruptcy?

I have.

If you feel the same way, I’d like to introduce you to a principled constitutional conservative running for Arkansas Governor – Republican Curtis Coleman.

Curtis Coleman is a true limited government champion, who is pledging – if elected - to:

*** Join with other states to restore the intended balance of power between the states and the federal government;

*** Resist unconstitutional federal regulations;

*** Aggressively campaign for Arkansas to control development of its own energy resources;

*** Clamp down on wasteful and unnecessary government spending.

He’s also pledged to simplify and lower Arkansas' state taxes and to “get government out of our faces, off our backs, and out of our pocketbooks.”

And he’s not just another career politician mouthing catchphrases to tickle our ears to get elected.

Curtis was the Founding President and CEO of Safe Foods Corporation in North Little Rock Arkansas, retiring in 2009.

He is also Chairman of The Institute for Constitutional Policy.

The syndicated “Coleman Commentary” is heard daily on multiple radio stations in Arkansas, and Curtis is a regular guest on radio shows in Arkansas.

Curtis understands that Big Government's suffocating policies are to blame for Arkansas’ status as one of the poorest states in the country.

I’m excited about Curtis Coleman’s campaign.

And I hope you’ll support him as generously as you can. http://www.curtiscoleman.com/donate

Coleman says he would have vetoed Obamacare Medicaid expansion known as private option - See more at: http://www.curtiscoleman.com/news/coleman-says-he-would-have-vetoed-obamacare-medicaid-expansion-known-private-option#sthash.sxjfUG1a.dpuf

“Universal Background Checks” Are a Threat to Second Amendment Rights - See more at: http://www.curtiscoleman.com/news/%E2%80%9Cuniversal-background-checks%E2%80%9D-are-threat-second-amendment-rights#sthash.H72dJUPA.dpuf

Coleman Opposes Intervention in Syria- http://www.curtiscoleman.com/news/coleman-opposes-intervention-syria