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Matt Collins
09-16-2013, 12:41 PM
From an e-mail:

1.) See Ron Paul and other leaders in our movement

Retiring from Congress does not mean the Champion of the Constitution has stopped spreading the freedom message!

His latest book, The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System, hits stores in just two days, and his involvement in a wide variety of other endeavors is continuing to wake more Americans up to the threat posed by out-of-control government and the answers found through advancing liberty.

This year, Dr. Paul will be joined at LPAC by speakers including his son, Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Justin Amash, Congressman Thomas Massie, Joel Salatin, Bruce Fein, Glenn Jacobs, Mike Church, Morton Blackwell, Mark Mix, Jeff Frazee, and many more!

2.) Hear about our successes on the ground straight from other grassroots activists

Listen to the news long enough, and overcoming discouragement due to Big Government’s actions can be tough.

Listen to our state leaders and other activists engaged in the fight, however, and you’ll become encouraged and excited about the tremendous impact we’re making.

Since LPAC 2012, our state leaders have passed Right to Work in Michigan (Big Labor’s home turf), stopped outrageous assaults on the Second Amendment, curbed local government’s appetite for more tax dollars, battled ObamaCare implementation, and much more.

At LPAC 2013 (http://paracom.paramountcommunication.com/ct/14751920:16931333260:m:1:288046305:261BFB2317DB306 FCCB44F87BE43B0CA:r), you’ll get the updates right from those entrenched on the front lines. Hearing about the success we’re having on the ground – and learning how those victories came about – will prepare you to put the statists on the run in your own local area.

One LPAC 2012 attendee even went back home, put what she learned into practice, and shocked the establishment by becoming a state representative in Massachusetts! And Rep. Leah Cole will join us to tell her story.

3.) Interact with our speakers at special events

As mentioned above, The School Revolution arrives in two days, and LPAC 2013 offers attendees one of the first chances to get it signed by Dr. Paul!

The First Lady of Liberty, Carol Paul, will join him at his book signing on Friday, September 20, to sign copies of her “Ron Paul Family Cookbook.”

Tickets are still available for other events, including a private briefing with Senator Paul, a private reception with Dr. Paul, and a special Saturday reception hosted by Dr. Paul’s Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (F.R.E.E.).

With many of our speakers joining us for these events and accessible during the weekend, LPAC offers attendees the chance to mingle with those they follow in print and through other media.


4.) Spend some relaxing time among like-minded people

One of our opponents’ favorite tactics is to try to convince each of us we are in a lonely fight.

LPAC 2013 will bring together hundreds of grassroots patriots who share your passion for reclaiming the Republic and restoring the Constitution, and this weekend is sure to refresh, restore, and energize you for the battles ahead.

Tickets are still available (http://paracom.paramountcommunication.com/ct/14751920:16931333260:m:1:288046305:261BFB2317DB306 FCCB44F87BE43B0CA:r), but we’ll have to shut down online sales in the next couple days.

So if you’ve been debating about attending, don’t wait any longer!

Our Sunday all-day grassroots training is sold out, but Three-Day tickets, One-Day passes, and tickets to our private briefing and receptions can be purchased here (http://paracom.paramountcommunication.com/ct/14751920:16931333260:m:1:288046305:261BFB2317DB306 FCCB44F87BE43B0CA:r).

My staff and I are looking forward to a great weekend, and we hope you will join us at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia, for LPAC 2013.

In Liberty,
John Tate

P.S. Online ticket sales for the 2013 Liberty Political Action Conference will close in the next couple days, so don’t miss this chance to reserve your spot!

You’ll hear from Dr. Ron Paul, Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Justin Amash, Congressman Thomas Massie, and many more, plus you’ll find out about the tremendous impact our movement is making straight from grassroots leaders entrenched on the front lines.

LPAC 2013 kicks off this Thursday, so visit www.LPAC.com (http://www.lpac.com/) right away to learn more about this year’s Conference and purchase your ticket(s)!