View Full Version : Slatecard-- behind Giuliani

11-28-2007, 12:36 PM
Dr. Paul is listed on the Republicans' grassroots fundraising website, http://www.slatecard.com, and he has $100 donated, lagging behind Giuliani with about $500 donated (from only 6 donors). The site obviously isn't that popular, but it could be worthwhile for some of us to donate through the site.. it wouldn't take that much to unseat Mr. 9/11.

What's interesting about Slatecard is that they allow you to create personalized badges for your blog or social networking site for any Republican candidate down to the House, it seems... so those of us who have a local "Ron Paul Republican" running could use this to promote the candidacy of other people to support Dr. Paul in the House.

Worth doing?

Libertarian Girl