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09-02-2013, 08:59 PM
Here's an Interesting Disinformation From Public Comments Congress Petitions,3,357 support the Intervention However.
This seems to have being rushed as the dateline approaches for the debate and vote on Sep 9 giving the fantasy that there are people in favor of the prolonged Intervention boots on the ground in Syria.

Here is the Pro interventionist petition.
Stop the Killing in Syria (http://www.petition2congress.com/4360/stop-killing-in-syria/view/)
3,357 People Have Sent 8,074 Letters and Emails.

Here is the American people's voice
Say No to Bombing Syria! (http://www.petition2congress.com/11311/say-no-to-bombing-syria/)

According to petition2congress. There are two petitions the pro interventionist petition is rather very questionable as you would see the names of the users or supporters of such an Intervention are Muslims from NGO Organizations and Obama supporters whom are still clueless here's an example from the mind of an Pro Obama supporter.

Rachel K. from Marietta, GA writes:

am writing to say how important I believe it is that we take action in Syria... it just doesn't seem right to sit and wait for something to resolve in a country where there is unjustified, inhumane mass murder going on. Yes, there is no telling what could happen with an military strike on Syria, but what we do know is that without any action taken, the people of Syria will feel even more hopeless and alone than they already do.

Rather than looking at how much chaos could arise from taking military action, why aren't we focusing on the mental and physical well being of countless innocent individuals who are helpless and have no hope of freedom and normalcy. There is an abundance of freedom and justice in our country but there is also a lack of empathy for other nations in need of those same humanitarian rights. I am no master of political science and I am not in support of starting unnecessary wars, but I find it wholly necessary that we reach out to the Syrian people on the simple basis of promoting the civil rights and liberties of all people of any religious or cultural background.

It should not be a matter of starting a war but rather weakening Assad's regime and halting the bloodshed of innocent civilians that would most likely continue without an immediate intervention.

Please consider this message I am trying to send out as well as those from others who have close family, friends, or loved ones in Syria. By delaying action, we are not only affecting those in Syria but are also provoking a sense of anxiety and worry in people who have left the country and found refugee elsewhere.

In my opinion, the pros of making the decision to take military action outweighs the cons on so many levels. Please find it in your heart to vote for the strike in Syria to give the civilians a feeling of support and international community and to send Assad a message that he can not get away with such a ruthless crime without consequences in the future.
Thank you for your time.

And do i believe this petition is fake? yes i do, counter ops psy no doubts.
Someone from Rocklin, CA writes:

For those of you who want to hide behind "false flags" or "hands off", please go and spend 1 day in Syria and see if your conspiracies hold water while you are bombed by that despot Assad

Sounds like this someone is rather of afraid of having his name placed name why? i would bet he hates being proven wrong. Sounds like the Pro intervention petition has being rushed off early in the morning of today.

I guess this someone in Ca doesn't realize that the Free Syrian Army and the opposition arent even moderates.

Obama and his war mongering gangs are getting desperate to sway the public opinion on Syria.

09-03-2013, 03:19 AM
It's sickening...