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11-28-2007, 01:44 AM
Please read this great article (http://www.nolanchart.com/article274.html), and if you are not convinced that infomercials are the best way to promote Ron Paul, let me give you more reasons.


Play in the same field as MSM, the TV, bringing the complex message of Ron Paul to the masses.

Have the five steps of AIDA in one (Attention, hold Interest, create Desire, produce Action)

Encourage people to ACT NOW, donating money and therefore paying for the advertising itself. (If people are convinced to donate on the spot, they will be much likely to vote later)

Reach the offline crowd, that can donate via telephone.

Create passionate, informed supporters in less than 30 minutes.

ANYONE can watch an infomercial (Have you heard of the George Forman Grill, or Ron Popeil?)

It is the CHEAPEST way to advertise, because if it is done correctly, the donations called from the infomercial itself will not only cover its price, but actually bring more money to the campaign... immediately.

A regular infomercial can bring more than $40,000,000 dollars in 3 months (check it here (http://www.targettelevision.com/longform.html)), if it is a good product, like Ron Paul, it could generate hundreds of millions of dollars a month, generating millions of committed voters in the process.
A product in an infomercial sells very well from $20 to $100.An infomercial calling for $25, $50 or $100+ could generate millions in donations.

People that donate, could receive for their investment a DVD containing the infomercial, so that they can show it to others and go VIRAL ! :eek:. This is the internet phenomenon, in the real world.

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Agreed. I think Dec 17th or 18th would be a GREAT day to plan for an infomercial!

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Agreed. I think Dec 17th or 18th would be a GREAT day to plan for an infomercial!

So design, host, film and edit an infomercial in twelve days?

Ok sure. Obviously you haven't worked in media before.

This is a very complicated question and I think it is debatable how easy it would be to buy advertising during the holidays. Personally I think it would be impossible until the middle of January. Who would sell their airtime cheap now?