View Full Version : Ron Paul is a Threat to the Democrats

11-27-2007, 11:45 PM

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On the other hand, the Democrats do have change candidates in Obama and Edwards. One of them will emerge from Iowa as the clear challenger to Hillary Clinton. And he will need anti-war independent and Republican votes to help overcome Hillary's lead among Democrats in New Hampshire.

We don't want those voters to have a protest vote with the Republicans. Paul gives them one. So rather than challenging and forcing change within his own party, Paul's candidacy will have the opposite effect. He denies Obama or Edwards a crucial bloc of votes, thereby helping to realize the Republican wet dream of Hillary Clinton as the Republican unifier in the general election.

11-28-2007, 12:22 AM
First of all, Republicans don't have wet dreams. They are all monks who don't have any thoughts about sex whatsoever.

Second of all, anyone who votes for anyone other than Ron Paul is voting for enslaving themselves further. I won't take a second job because I would be paying 50% in taxes, and we need everyone to make a stand here. We cannot lose, if you love the United States and everything we ever stood for, you have GOT to wake up and bring back the Constitution. Look at all the quotes the Founding Fathers made! They were certainly no lovers of government, and neither should you. We are SO close to becoming Nazi Germany. If you laugh at that comment, maybe you should google "Hitler Reichstag Fire" and see what Hitler was able to accomplish because people surrendered their civil liberties because of that fire, which was comparable to 9/11. First Hitler blamed the Communists, then the Jews, .... don't let that happen in America. Please! We have got to win now!