View Full Version : Defend Texas Liberty Moneybomb

Jonathan Stickland
07-20-2013, 04:16 PM
Liberty Movement I need your help:


Austin insiders and lobbyists have targeted Jonathan Stickland, one of Texas’ top conservative lawmakers.

On July 29th, Texans have an opportunity to stand up against Austin-based power brokers by having every dollar they donate up to $75,000, DOUBLED.


I am asking every liberty loving "Pauler" out there to help us win and send a statement. Help me improve our number of individual donors by pledging and then donating just $5 on July 29th. Lets show the country we are united and will defend the victories we have already secured at every level of government.

Please join our event page on facebook and invite your friends to join as well, especially those in Texas!

For Liberty,