View Full Version : No money? donate your "junk"

11-27-2007, 11:30 AM
Hey everyone,

I have my new site up. www.ronpaulslist.com If you dont have any money, sell some of the "junk" you have lying around the house on ebay. Upload the ebay url to my site and donate all the money you make from the auction to the Ron Paul campaign.

If you have donated $2300 and cant donate any more, tell the winning bidder to donate directly to the campaign and put your email in the email slot. You will get the donation confirmation directly from the Ron Paul campaign saying that the donation was made. Then you send the auction product. Everybody wins!!

If you dont have money to donate because you need to buy christmas presents, then go to my site www.ronpaulslist.com and buy your Xmas presents there! The money you spend from there will go towards the Ron Paul campaign. Everybody wins!!