View Full Version : Chipin - Christian mailings to early states

11-26-2007, 11:24 PM
I recieved this in an email:

Hello everyone,

Despite a few technical problems along the way, we are finally ready to start delivering Ron Paul emails to Christians in the next couple of days! We have collected about 120,000 email addresses, including just about every church with an online presence in the early primary states: New Hampshire, Iowa, Michigan, South Carolina, Wyoming and Nevada. Time permitting, we may attempt to reach Florida churches with a second mailing.

After all this hard work to collect names, we now need some help from all of you! To ensure our email would not be seen as spam, we had to set up a hosted website and purchase software to manage lists and to unsubscribe those wishing to be removed from future mailings. The total cost to do this for the months of December and January will be $195.

Please visit the following website and donate toward this worthy cause. Thanks!