View Full Version : kwestion 4 ben n all rp supporters

06-13-2013, 07:19 PM
I became a ron paul supporter back in early '11 cuz his entire platform made total sense. heck, his beliefs n answers 2 every issue nevva waiver cuz theyre all grounded in the constitution. recently ive warmed up 2 his son rand cuz hes grounded in the constitution as well. so i'd like 2 see 8yrs of ron as potus n the following 8yrs with rand as potus. thatll giv us 16yrs of drastically down sizing the gvrnmnt n eliminating the national debt, which is totally possible if we get rid of the fed n irs. since we played by the GOP's rulz but they cheated, how can rp n rp run on the independent ticket n get the electorate votes? cuz they'll ezilly win the popular vote. do we need a tri-party system that includes a libertarian party?