View Full Version : We need to have the next fundraising date/site up and online as soon as possible.

11-26-2007, 01:04 AM
We need to figure out what date we are going to use for the next fundraising drive after teaparty07. We also need a site that is online and fully functional ASAP. Teaparty07 needs to link to this site now, and encourage people to further the effort by signing up for both.

The amount of media coverage teaparty07 will bring, cant be bought. If we have the next fundraising day set, and 10,000 people already signed up for it, it will be a HUGE PR boost for the next fundraising day as almost all of the news reports on how successfull teaparty07 was, will contain the line. "Supporters have another fundraising day planned for X and there are already X people signed up for it".