View Full Version : Betting Odds on Ron Paul

11-25-2007, 04:30 PM
How about promoting this idea to de-fund the naysayers, the MSM unbelievers, and the out of touch neocons.........

Here is an article about the betting odds on the next moneybomb......


Research what exactly the "line" will be, then send out promo emails encouraging donors to "use bet winnings as a matching fund" drive. Who would bet the "under", mostly out of touch neocons, MSM naysayers and those fools who thought Fred Thompson or Barrack could copy Ron Paul's Nov. 5th moneybomb.

Let’s all bet on the “over”. Here’s how……………. If you were going to pledge $300, pledge $600 instead and bet $300 on the “over”. That way we can push the amount way over (by doubling effectively our donation), and essentially channel the winnings into that donation. It’s like a matching funds donation drive. So it is self fulfilling and Dr. Paul gets even more $$$$$ and even more ink!

Graham C. Dugas III
Hilton Head, S.C.

"God made idiots for practice. Having perfected that, He then moved on and made Congress." -- some wise sage