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The Tao Of Bill
11-25-2007, 01:42 PM
So I don't really have the talent or equipment to make good Ron Paul videos but I am a bit of a music fan and every now and then I come across a song and say wow those lyrics really fit well with the campaign and should be used in a video. So I thought it would be cool to start a list of cool songs that fit with what the campaign is doing. They don't have to be songs specifically about Ron Paul. They could be about being an underdog or about freedom or whatever.

So here are a couple good songs I found so far:

Ben Folds - Philosophy:
Wont you look up at the skyline
At the mortar block and glass
And check out the reflections
In my eyes
You see they always
Used to be there
Even when this all was grass
And I sang and danced
About a high-rise

You were laughing at
My helmet hat
Laughing at my torch

Go ahead you can
Laugh all you want
I got my philosophy
Keeps my feet on the ground
And I trust it like the ground
And thats why my philosophy(my phil-)
It keeps me walking when Im falling down(o-so-phy)
I see that there is evil
And I know that there is good
And the inbetweens
I never understood
Wont you look at me
Im crazy
But I get the job done
Yeah Im crazy
But I get the job done


I pushed you cause
I loved you guys
I didnt realize
You werent having fun
I dragged you up the stairs
And I told you to fly
You were flapping your arms
You started to cry
You were too high
Too high

You may take this all for granted
Take the mortar, block and glass
And you forget the speech
That moved the stone
Its really not the you cant see
The forest for the trees
Youve never been out
In the woods before

Go ahead you can laugh
All you want
But I got my philosophy
Keeps my feet on the ground
And I love you
Youre my friend
But you got no philosophy
Now its time for this song to end

Catch22 - 12341234

you try
you try to get by
"you're never going to pull it off"
"you shouldn't even try"
"you're a wet ciagarette"
"you're always second best"
but they're never going to give a shit
about anybody but themselves
so you fight
for them to realize
there's more to life
there's more to you
there's more than meets the eye
and when you're done
the battle's been won
you sit back, you smile
and this is what you hum
you hum: whoa-oh


the years go by
the time it does fly
every single second
is a moment in time
that passes oh, so quick
and it seems like nothing
but when you're looking back
well it amounts to everything
I've got myself
I've got my friends
I've got my little family
but that's not where it ends
this one goes out to you
it goes out to everyone
it's in the name of honesty
because life has just begun



look around little brother
can you tell me what you see?
you're a big boy now
so take responsibility
you never had it hard
but now it's getting tough
so you whine whine whine
and you say you've had enough
you say I'm full of shit?
that I'm a hypocrite?
I shouldn't talk
when I cant take the advice that I give?
well maybe you're right but open your eyes
the main difference is
that I try try try