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04-25-2013, 08:15 PM
Has anyone tried this? The privacy policy sounds great:

The World’s Private Social Network
Welcome to Sgrouples, the world’s private social network. Sgrouples is simple: We provide our users with the world’s most powerful social experience while giving them the complete peace of mind provided by our Privacy Bill of Rights.

At Sgrouples, you own your content. Your personal information is private and is yours; it’s not our business. There is absolutely no spying, tracking, or stalking in our site. Permissions and privacy are your rights, we make it easy for you to allow or deny access to any content you post. Advertising is non-invasive and optional.

We are scrupulous about trust, respect, and integrity!

Your personal information is private and it is yours; it is explicitly not ours and not our business.
You are in control of who can see information about you.
Sgrouples doesn't let people you don't know look for you.
Sgrouples will never suggest contacts, friends, or "people you might know", to you.
Permissions and privacy are your rights. We make it easy for you to deny or give access to any content you create.
Inside our site there is no tracking of users, no profiling, and no sharing of personal information.
You tell us the type of advertisements you want and you have a "No Ads" option.
You own your content and all of your data.
You choose what information of yours is stored at Sgrouples, and who it is made available to.
If you leave Sgrouples there are clear and easy instructions on how to delete anything and everything of yours at Sgrouples if you desire.
Everything we do at Sgrouples is based on these rights!


04-25-2013, 09:17 PM
UPDATE: I signed up for an account and I am enjoying it. Interfaces well with FB and Twitter and setting up the groups is a breeze. A couple layout issues, but so far I am very pleased. Now if I could just get all my friends and family on it!