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04-22-2013, 02:37 PM
He has a point about the uselessness of gun laws. The "man" would have to check every vehicle and person entering the state.



Addressing a responsive and enthusiastic crowd yesterday at a Connecticut Citizens Defense League Second Amendment rally held at the State Capitol in Hartford, citizen journalist and right to keep and bear arms activist Mike Vanderboegh summed his message for responding to “gun control” edicts with four words, “Defy. Resist. Evade. Smuggle.”

“I'm a smuggler,” Vanderboegh began his speech.

“The facsimile of a semi-automatic pistol that some of you hold in your hands was smuggled into your state from the South,” he later explained, referring to a supply of gun-shaped sponges he brought with him to hand out to rally attendees. “Manufactured in Georgia, trans-shipped to Alabama, it came across your state line in the trunk of a car. The fact that the authorities of your state have not yet banned sponge guns is immaterial. It could as easily been a whole trunk full of real pistols.
Mike Vanderboegh pledges "gun control" defiance to Second Amendment rally in Hartford, Conn.
**Mike Vanderboegh - Ardent Opponent to Tyranny** (3) CCDL Gun Rights Rally 4/20/2013

The sponges were symbolic. Other items Vanderboegh brought with him were not, he revealed.

“On Thursday I smuggled a half-dozen 30 round AR-15 standard capacity magazines into Connecticut in deliberate disobedience of the new state diktat,” he "confessed," admitting that act is a "‘D’ Class felony.

“When the new ammo restrictions go into effect the first week of July, I'll be back,” he pledged, “with two full crates of 7.62x39 ball ammunition and I will transfer said ammunition into the hands of a Connecticut citizen without the state's permission or paperwork.”

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