View Full Version : 24 IRS workers in TN accused of theft

04-18-2013, 10:15 AM

First it was the families of dead people and state employees. Now, authorities say Internal Revenue Service employees in Tennessee were stealing unemployment and other benefits while fully employed.

On Thursday, 13 of those employees were indicted on federal charges that they lied to get unemployment, food stamps, welfare and housing vouchers. An additional 11 have been indicted on state charges of theft greater than $1,000.

In all, authorities say the workers improperly received more than $250,000 in government benefits.

“You’ve got these employees that are taking advantage of the system that they are so intimate with it by virtue of their jobs,” said Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirech, whose office is handling the state prosecutions. “It’s doubly frustrating.”

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Victor Grey
04-18-2013, 10:18 AM
Corrupt tax collectors, a story as old as civilization.

04-18-2013, 10:18 AM
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How much you want to bet these probably were good people at one time. This is what government power does to people. Greed, power, and the exesses of believing being a part of the system gives them a sense of righteousness.

04-18-2013, 10:22 AM
"Legal" thieves to begin with.

04-18-2013, 10:32 AM
Oh, the irony. An IRS worker accused of theft. Well, no shit, Sherlock. They work for an organization of theft.

04-18-2013, 10:52 AM
Oh, the irony. An IRS worker accused of theft. Well, no shit, Sherlock. They work for an organization of theft.

Exactly, just like police arresting the non-violent. They were probably good people when they begin, believing (however skewed) the government is a good and righteous organization. After a while they completely accept it all, and then begin the descent. They probably believe individually taking the money was putting it to good use.

04-18-2013, 11:11 AM
Obviously if we paid them more money they wouldn't need to steal.

Keith and stuff
04-18-2013, 01:02 PM
That's the finest Memphis has to offer. I know someone that had worked at the area IRS office. I was told that some of the workers take a real pleasure is destroying people's lives and shutting down small businesses. They get their kicks by catching tax cheats. It turns out, the IRS workers are the REAL tax cheats. No surprise there.

04-18-2013, 01:23 PM
Double penalties for government workers...they should be held to a higher standard than the mundanes they lord over...

04-18-2013, 02:33 PM
IRS workers accused of non-sanctioned theft.

04-18-2013, 02:51 PM
Moral of the story: Stop paying the IRS.

04-18-2013, 03:36 PM
You're nothing but a tax cheater who hates the children. Now they're going to die, and the criminals won.

04-18-2013, 03:39 PM
Moral of the story: Stop paying the IRS.

Will you brandish a weapon and escort them off your property when they come knocking ? Im not asking in a rude way, I think a tax strike the last peaceful option we have left but they will not be peaceful about collecting.