View Full Version : Nov. 30th is OUR DAY. Use it to be TWICE as generous.

11-24-2007, 04:15 PM
A. First off, I do not think anyone should be talking about Nov. 30th to their friends and family members. It's too confusing and the whole point of one of these drive is to GET PEOPLE EXCITED. It's fun and exciting to donate money when a whole bunch of other people are doing it and the Nov. 30th thing dilutes that excitement.

However, the Nov. 30th thing is happening and really, the Nov. 30th is OUR DAY. (stay with me) The only people who SHOULD BE excited about donating on Nov. 30th, are the really, really enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters who are guaranteed to donate on Nov. 30th and Dec. 16th as well. AKA... us. Yes. US.

So, do not advertise and tell your friends and family about Nov. 30th, but if you can (and I truly believe a 12 year old could come up with an extra $100 if it was REALLY important) sign up to donate on Nov. 30th. Put aside your distaste for the plan, and GET ON BOARD! Encourage other people on the forum to donate on both days. Let's really turn it into a positive day to help the campaign. Use it as an excuse to donate $200 instead of $100 to Ron Paul before now and Dec. 17th. And most importantly, let us put aside our differences on ye online internet message board, open up our hearts and OUR WALLETS for RON PAUL!

Okay, kidding aside, here's the plan.

1. Get on board. Put aside your reservations. Become positive. Both days are going to be great and you want to be apart of both of them.
2. Sign up to donate for Nov. 30th. It'll feel good, I promise. $100, $50, $1000. It's all good. Remember, we're going to donate on BOTH dates. Be TWICE as generous.
3. Encourage people in the forums to be positive about BOTH DATES. Don't flame, flame back, or get into flame battles.
4. Tell your friends, family, and strangers about TeaParty07 and Dec. 16th. (Don't talk about Nov. 30th. That's only for the hardcore Ron Paul supporters who spend their time in forums like this.)


B. This is for Trevor and the people in charge of the Dec. 16th website. There needs to be a goal on the Nov. 30th website. The campaign is constantly getting donations still (they're up to $9.1 million) but their "Goal to Win" is $12 million. Thus I think the goal should be around $1 million. I'd love to raise $2.9 million, but realistically, I think it's possible to get to $1 million if enough people are willing to donate on both dates. Remember, don't sacrifice Dec. 16th, but use Nov. 30th to be even more generous to Ron Paul and everything he stands for.

11-24-2007, 04:26 PM
We don't need to wait until the 30th. It's not going to be spectacular, there's no reason to hoard the money. Money bombs are for a reason; this one has none.

Just give your $100 now, it'll be much better spent that way.

11-26-2007, 09:25 AM
The most significant pledge-drive now is:


It is very important that we hit our goal putting us over 12M. This way we can send a message to Rudy in front of MSM for his lacking Foriegn Policy knowlege, while raising some cash to spend in NH and IA.

Remember how much press we got when Rudy challenged Dr. Paul during the debate? Well, this is an effort to re-hash that debate!!

Pledge if you can this Nov 30th. INCOMING!