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11-24-2007, 11:51 AM

Ron Paul Roundup (11-24-07)
by RS Davis (http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=194780914&blogID=331528831&Mytoken=FAFCC89B-D4BC-4E7A-BA5ABA2C11CE40CD22955788)

Hello Freedomphiles! Let's start today's Roundup with some money talk. According to Free Market News Network, Dr Paul is up over $9 million (http://www.freemarketnews.com/WorldNews.asp?nid=51757)for this quarter:

As noted at DailyPaul.com and elsewhere - and prominently at the candidate's own site - the total for the fourth quarter, 2008 was well over $9 million as of Friday morning, November 23.

They also report (http://www.freemarketnews.com/WorldNews.asp?nid=51768) that Trevor Lyman, the genius behind the November 5th and December 16th money bombs, has made another, earlier one, to try and get the money to Ron Paul early enough to make a real difference in early primarty states:

Apparently, Trevor Lyman has set up a new site for a new Ron Paul donation day "Money Bomb." The new date is November 30th and the site has already attracted nearly 1,000 pledges as of this writing 11AM/EST. Another one remains scheduled for December 16th and has received close to 20,000 pledges.

The Nov 30th pledge site can be seen at rudysreadinglist.com (http://www.rudysreadinglist.com/).

The Dec 16th pledge site can be seen at teaparty07.com (http://www.teaparty07.com/).

USADaily is talking (http://www.usadaily.com/article.cfm?articleID=173474) about it, too:

Grass roots supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul have added November 30th as a mass donation day to support Ron Paul. The online fundraising event has been dubbed Rudy's Reading List and if successful may be the most expensive education in history. The new site has already gained about 1000 subscribers.

Ron Paul supporters used Rudy Giuliani's foreign policy views as the staging point for this latest online fund raising assault. The website features four foreign policy books including the '911 Commission Report'.

Hitting the $9 million mark has made some outlets stand up and take notice. Bloomberg.com reports (http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601070&sid=axM7t8OfWxFg&refer=home):

Paul called his Republican presidential rivals, including frontrunner Rudy Giuliani, ``neo-conservatives'' whom he couldn't support in the general election should his own bid fail.

``They think we're supposed to spread our goodness through force,'' Paul said. For example, none will pledge not to wage war on Iran, he said. ``How could I support something like that?''

The greatest threat to the nation, Paul said, is an overextension of the U.S. military and ``involvement in places we shouldn't be.'' Terrorism shouldn't be fought by waging war on nations, he said. Terrorists are ``just hoodlums and convicts, so to speak, but we incite them with our foreign policy,'' he said.

With his campaign rallies drawing fiscal conservatives, civil libertarians, anti-war activists and Green Party members, Paul said the time is right for a third-party candidate. He said that, while his supporters are representative of the nation's voters, he has ``no intention'' of being a third-party candidate.

A fierce critic of federal spending, Paul said that even as president he probably couldn't do away with entitlement programs such as Medicare. He would build political support to cut spending in Iraq, he said. ``I would save billions of dollars overseas,'' he said. ``We're taxed to bomb bridges in Iraq, we're taxed to build bridges in Iraq, and we don't have money for our bridges and our levees here at home.''

Law Fuel is commenting (http://lawfuel.com/show-release.asp?ID=16236), too:

Paul's campaign is resonating with a wide range of supporters, raning from Green Party activists to fiscal conservatives.

His advocacy of small government and a smaller involvement overseas has created a growing groundswell of support, as well as burgeoning his campaign coffers.

The National Ledger has no faith (http://www.nationalledger.com/artman/publish/article_272617368.shtml):

I never thought I would miss Ross Perot but Ron Paul certainly has made me long for the days of the eccentric Texas billionaire. Paul is running for the office of US President as a Republican. Paul is from Texas as well, but he is no Perot. Paul is a Constitutionalist and wants America out of Iraq yesterday, and he isn't really concerned about Iran developing nuclear weapons. He's worried about the falling dollar and s not a fan of the Federal Reserve.

He is the fringe candidate of this political season and his supporters are out in full force on the World Wide Web. I'm not really certain when Ron Paul go sucked in, (I think it was when that money bomb that was held raised $4.2 million) but this presidential election season one giant sucking sound you hear is the credibility of the supporters and the candidate. Unless the course is changed, they are pretty much finished.

Remember the article by Jonah Goldberg that I directed you to a couple days ago, where he said Paul was a much better choice as dark horse than Huckabee? Well, he was repeating that line on CSPAN:


Texas newspaper The Facts, which wasn't always the best friend of Ron Paul, has a nice piece (http://thefacts.com/story.lasso?ewcd=c163c53c74a9cd81)on Ron Paul this week, lauding his straight-shooter approach to politics:

He's saying what he truly believes. Off the cuff. Straight off the top of his head.

How unusual is that in today's age of scripted sound bytes? In modern politics, candidates are trained to repeat phrases as though they are voicing a See-N-Say. Point the arrow to the picture of an illegal immigrant, pull the handle and hear, "We must protect our borders."

That's not the case with Paul, the Lake Jackson Republican who two decades ago ran at the top of the Libertarian Party ticket. Say what you will about his politics that veer from the safety of conventional thought or lack of signature legislation he has sponsored being passed during his time in Congress, there is no nuance or hedging in his stances.

His true beliefs are turning thousands of Americans into true believers in his brand of politics, if not his ideology...

...Watching Paul during a debate or interview is refreshing for voters. They appreciate his honesty and the passion with which he presents his case. And they have responded by contributing millions of dollars to his campaign, much of it through the Internet. This grassroots support is shocking to the pundit crowd in Washington and, in some ways, the candidate himself.

These supporters largely a blend of young adults participating in their first presidential election, those who had tuned out past campaigns and Republicans who believe the party has abandoned its principles are saying they are tired of the way the country is headed and those who are heading it that way. Paul's case that we need to return to the ideas of the Founding Fathers resonates with them.

Consider it the perfect marriage of old-school politicking and new-school idealism.

The Iowa Independent has released (http://www.iowaindependent.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=1512)its power rankings of the current candidates, and our boy came in fourth:

Ron Paul -- Paul's support comes from the least likely corners of Iowa, making it very difficult to measure with "likely voter" polls. Cynics expect his unlikely coalition to stay home on caucus night, and they might; but if the depth of a candidate's support is one measure of his likely success in the caucuses, Paul has the rest of the field beat. While Huckabee, Romney, Giuliani, former Sen. Fred Thompson, and Sen. John McCain appear to swap supporters every few weeks, Paul's fans remain squarely in his corner. And there is the oft-ignored fact that polls show that a majority of likely GOP caucus-goers favor withdrawal from Iraq within six months, which many analysts are hard-pressed to explain.

Radio Iowa wrote (http://www.radioiowa.com/gestalt/go.cfm?objectid=64792392-988F-E12A-0DB40BB500C04BF7) about Paul, and the underlying anger that fuels many of his supporters:

Paul says he seems to be tapping into a reservoir of unrest among Americans. "I'm impressed with the degree of anger when on the surface things don't seem so bad," Paul says. "Though I talk about the basic economic problems and what this could lead to, you know, on the surface we've had worse times in this country. There is a lot of anger out there."

Paul says he's trying to capture that anger. "But I do give, you know, an out to this, you know, stopping the war to save money and don't put people out in the street and people say, "Yea, you know, that makes sense' and yea, I'm against welfare but I really emphasize corporate welfare and not welfare for the poor. As a matter of fact if I had my way I would protect those who have become dependent until we straighten out our mess domestically," Paul says. "I think that if we don't we're really going to hurt the poor people. We're going to having a lot more poor people if you end up destroying the currency."

Paul contends the declining value of the U.S. dollar is at the core of economic woes in America. The British pound is currently worth twice as much as the U.S. dollar. "Ultimately the people will demand sound money," Paul said. "And it's interesting that when I talk at the universities I get as loud of applause when I start criticizing the Federal Reserve as when I go after the tax system."

Paul says the biggest issue of the day is foreign policy "and a war we're not winning," but he says government spending is linked to the war -- and that spending is influencing the value of the dollar. "If the currency goes down, it's an indication that there's something very significantly wrong with the economy of that particular country and I think you're seeing that right now," Paul says. "If you look at many great nations and great empires, when they faltered their currency faltered. That's what they saw when the British pound lost prominence, the British Empire fell apart."

Michigan Daily is writing (http://media.www.michigandaily.com/media/storage/paper851/news/2007/11/21/TheStatement/About.Campus-3113229.shtml) about Ann Arbor's Ron Paul House on the local college campus:

When you walk in, you'll likely be greeted by University alum Adam de Angeli, the technology coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign in the state of Michigan. De Angeli will prove a sort of a bearded guide for your journey through the world of Ron Paul.

De Angeli, who coordinates most efforts to elect Ron Paul in Washtenaw County, is one of the leaseholders for the Ron Paul House, also dubbed "The Shop." He shares the space with a small music studio and a T-shirt printing shop. The Shop used to be The Planet, a T-shirt shop run by de Angeli, but he converted the space into an unofficial headquarters for Ron Paul supporters in Washtenaw County.

De Angeli said members of the University chapter of Students for Ron Paul and other Ron Paul activists occasionally come to hang out and read Ron Paul-related literature. Last night, Eastern Michigan University sophomore and Ron Paul supporter Adam Spaude rolled up to the hangout on his skateboard to chat with de Angeli.

The converted store's counter is now covered with campaign literature attempting to appeal to every type of voter. There are leaflets - which de Angeli calls "Slim Jims" - touting Paul's anti-gun control rhetoric that de Angeli said he was sending to a gun show in Novi this weekend. There are the sheets detailing Paul's platform of not taxing tips for wait staff at restaurants, which de Angeli said he handed out at Bennigan's.

There's even a DVD, titled "A Man for All Seasons," for which de Angeli designed the sleeve and other artwork.

Now, I've seen some unusual campaign ideas, but I want to leave you with a couple that really made me smile. The first (http://www.ronpaulblimp.com/)was sent to me by alert Freedomphile Kelly Supports Ron Paul:


Imagine..the mainstream media is mesmerized as the image of the Ron Paul blimp is shown to tens of millions of Americans throughout the day (and throughout the month). Wolf Blizter, stunned and as if in a trance, repeats the words "Amazing, Amazing".

As GPS co-ordinates stream to the website a map shows the Ron Paul blimp's location in real time. The local Television stations broadcast it's every move. The curious flock together and make a trip see history in the making. Emails with pictures are sent, then forwarded, then forwarded again. Youtube videos go viral and reach tens of millions of views. Ron Paul becomes the first presidential candidate in history to have his very own blimp. The PR stunt generates millions upon millions of dollars worth in free publicity, and captures the imagination of America.

Please join us in our goal to raise $200,000 to make and fly the first ever Presidential Blimp in history. Choose a pledge amount below and enter your email address to confirm the pledge. When we reach our goal in pledges you'll receive an email letting you know it's time to fulfill the pledge.

And the second is the Ron Paul Freedom Car: