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05-18-2007, 11:11 AM
May 18, 2007


First, a grand thanks to each of you for being such great patriots in your response efforts to Saul Anuzis' announcement of his petition to the RNC to have Congressman Ron Paul barred from future debates because Mr. Anuzis believes Congressman Paul's statements are "out there" and "out of whack".

Today, the RNC headquarter office is informing callers that Mr. Anuzis is not proceeding with his petition; however, this private claim is not sufficient. Mr. Anuzis made his initial statements in the media, and Mr. Anuzis needs to take immediate steps to rectify the situation with a public media release. American citizens must not yield until Mr. Anuzis fully complies.

We are asking for your immediate participation in making polite calls and sending emails to the MI GOP HQ and the RNC specifically demanding that Saul issue a media release that:

1) Withdraws the petition to ban Ron Paul from future GOP debates,

2) Acknowledges the post-debate polls (ABC, MSNBC, FOX) had Paul either winning or running a close 2nd and from the demonstration of responses to Mr. Anuzis office this week from across the nation, there is a true American citizen interest in Congressman Paul's positions and keeping Paul in the debates,

3) Apologizes to the Ron Paul campaign and the primary voters nationwide who were the targets of his unilateral action to deny them a real choice on foreign policy alternatives come election day.

Michigan GOP: (517) 487-5413

Republican national convention office: 202-863-8500

Saul Anuzis E-mail: SAnuzis@migop.org

Note: If e-mails are sent, please also send a copy to NacConcerns@suddenlink.net for collective record.

If you haven't signed the Ron Paul RNC Participation petition, please do so:


Note: There is an inaccurate date on the petition which is being changed to May, 17, 2007 by the petition hosting site.

Thank you for your continued participation in helping protect the First Amendment and our electoral process.


Dena Turner, Ron Paul RNC Participation Petition author, can be reached at NacConcerns@suddenlink.net for comment.

05-18-2007, 11:46 AM
We have to remember, these are people whose votes we will need after we win the nomination.

I just called to thank them as a life-long republican on their *new* position to respect other republicans.

05-18-2007, 12:16 PM
With all due respect TNVoter, it is incumbent upon us to remember history:

A similar situation happened in 2000 when a ballot petition was dropped. Subsequently, after claiming they would allow Pat Buchanan on the ticket, they turned around and completely prevented him from being ON THE BALLOT through the Secretary Of States office.

However, the most burning question I have is: Do you take them for their word?

Further, I do not completely understand your statement:
"these are people whose votes we will need after we win the nomination."

We are demanding that Saul Anuzis publicly retract his statement, recognize Ron Paul's viability as a candidate and apologize for attempting to manipulate a fair election process
with spurious claims.

This has absolutely nothing to do with voters...other than giving voters a real opportunity to hear Dr. Paul's positions with all the other candidates.

Can you help me understand your thought process?


05-18-2007, 12:38 PM
tnvoter and dena and everyone else. thank you so much for all you do. continue to press forward. there are so many miles and obstacles to go. the main stream media now knows where all the energy is, and they try to destroy the RP movement. so, it's back to the ramparts!