View Full Version : Woman Killed,Child Raped,In NY carjacking.

mad cow
03-15-2013, 05:58 PM
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - A man previously charged with having child pornography cut an electronic monitoring device off his ankle before carjacking a woman, fatally stabbing her and raping her 10-year-old daughter, authorities said.

I guess she didn't piss herself,vomit and tell him she was menstruating and there was no call box handy.
At least NY's draconian gun laws kept her from accidentally shooting her daughter.

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03-15-2013, 06:26 PM
Thank goodness nobody was shot. Tip of the hat to NY policians for keeping the citizens safe!

My condolences to the family... :(

03-15-2013, 07:18 PM
buh buh
their JOB is k33p us SAFE not FREE
i confuse...

03-15-2013, 07:33 PM
How many other people misread the title as a woman was raped and her child was killed? What a f**ked up place.

03-15-2013, 08:21 PM
if only we had non-violent drug offenders out of prisons/jails so we can keep these animals from being early released because of overcrowding.

tod evans
03-16-2013, 05:18 AM
Thank goodness no police were hurt..:mad:

03-16-2013, 05:33 AM

Any other guesses if the "Child Protection Industry" had their hands in this?


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03-16-2013, 06:33 AM
Sad story. Thank goodness its an isolated, and fairly rare occurance - as opposed to other more blatant acts by people in power (cop shootings).

There is no evidence that removing guns from law abiding people stops or prevents crimes. I am sure this mother would have liked to have defended herself. Lethal force would have been entirely justified.