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03-15-2013, 12:00 AM
Tomorrow I am going to be meeting with my state rep in the morning. I am taking a field recorder and hopeing that he will let me record the interview. I am planning on primarying him next year. Some of the local party already knows this. Here are some of the questions I have for him, I'd like some input, suggestions and if you think it's a bad idea since I plan to run against him.

1. Tell us a little but about yourself. What made you want to be a State Rep. How do you balance owning a successful business, being a State Rep, having a family and volunteering at your church?

2. Letís talk about some of your sponsored and co-sponsored legislation. What are you most proud of?

3. With the great threat of the younger generations not getting SSI, a viable long term, and good investment for us is to get involved in Gold and Silver. Why does Ohio tax the sale of Silver and Gold, when the three surrounding states do not (essentially you are not buying a product here, it is exchanging one currency for another). This is also hurting the local businesses that canít make sales because people are buying out of state. These local businesses have been to Columbus 5+ years in a row, why have they been ignored by politicians?

4. Should politicians and bureaucrats legislate morality?

5. What is your reason for the ďnoĒ vote on HB386? For those who donít know this bill was to expand state gambling to allow for charity events. Here in Ohio the casinos are a monopoly, only a small group is allowed to own a casino, there are four in the state. Do you think itís better to lose money to a monopolized casino over a charity event?

6. Last Question Ė So in closing: You think a politician should be able to choose how and where we spend our money but also that you can take money out of our checks, and use it on things we might not agree with (such as your salary) but if we want to spend the money that we make at a charity casino event, we should not be allowed to because you think we shouldnít be allowed to?

I stopped here because I think that he will probably cut me off and want to end the interview. He doesn't do a lot, really nothing at all. Most of his votes are to "make this day, that"...meaning... I voted yes to make May Ohio wine month, or I voted yes to make February Black History Month, etc.

03-15-2013, 12:54 AM
Ask him how he views the patriot act

03-15-2013, 12:56 AM
Yeah... I was planning on dipping into Nullification bills and such but not much can be done on the state level to stop that evil bill.

03-15-2013, 01:08 AM
Just curious... does he know you, and does he know you're planning on running against him next year?

Also, are you approaching this as a private citizen, or are you asking these questions under the pretext of a newspaper interview, class project, etc?

03-15-2013, 01:17 AM
Ask him if he knows that the Federal Reserve is a private independent institution.

03-15-2013, 01:56 AM
Just curious... does he know you, and does he know you're planning on running against him next year?

Also, are you approaching this as a private citizen, or are you asking these questions under the pretext of a newspaper interview, class project, etc?

He doesn't know me personally he might be familiar with my name as I've tried to contact him before. He has no idea I am planning on running. I am approaching him from a group stance since I am involved locally many people are interested in hearing some of these answers.

03-16-2013, 01:35 AM
So... how went the interview???

03-16-2013, 01:44 AM
Perhaps, if he is the scared type, you could let him know the convo is being recorded discreetly. There would be many ways of accomplishing this.

03-16-2013, 02:49 AM
Ask him what he thinks of gun "safety"(sic)

Were it me, I think I would be wearing one of Becks "Torches and Pitchforks - defending citizens against politicians since..." T's and packing 2 buckets - one full of bubble gum and the other full of dandelions. Explain that the citizenry has gotten gentler and more PC in recent years and that peanut butter will help in removing bubble gum from his hair...

If he's got a sense of humor - it would at least break the ice...



03-16-2013, 02:53 AM
Hey, X, nice to meet you. I am recording this, how is the family?

03-16-2013, 03:01 AM
Hey, X, nice to meet you. I am recording this with a IR camera - the ones that see through clothing and it' will be posted on YouTube this afternoon, how is the family?

Fixed that for you!

Might ask him his position on TSA porno scanners and if appropriate complement him on his moobs... Would put the conversation into context and makes a good segway...



03-18-2013, 02:55 AM
So I didn't get a change to come back here afterwards it's been a crazy few days. Thanks for everyone that did reply and also the ones that sent positive feedback. What a crazy conversation it turned into... I don't know where to start but it turned into about a 30-40 minute debate. Get ready for a long post... Because of the ackward situation with his wife being there, and her questioning all my views I didn't get a chance to record it, but doesn't matter because I got the info I wanted.

And also...his "meeting" was scheduled at McDonalds, at 8 AM when everyone has to be at work. This was his scheduled time to come and chat with him. His wife made a comment to me about how nobody every shows up...hm....maybe because it's 8 AM?

Oh and the TSA walked in since we were close to the airport.

First thing I brought up was the states lack of care to help small businesses, and new businesses. A lot of regulations and taxes. I mentioned that the 5 states that people were running to for jobs all had something in common, no corporate income tax. Right away he claimed they were "working on it."

I brought up the silver and gold tax. Explained the reason my generation is concerned and we need an option for retirement. He immediately assured me some representative is "working on it." You can see where this is going... I asked him why 5 years of local businesses going to Columbus have been ignored. He then attempted to explain the political process to me and that it's harder to get things done than I think... Kind of avoiding the question and acting as if I was to stupid to understand.

This is where he begins digging to find where I stand... He begins talking about the Federal Reserve, but some of the stuff he said was completely off. He acknowledges the printing and spending however what he tells me next blew my mind. He tells me if the Fed prings 800 billion dollars and brings it to the state he has to do what's best for his constituents so he has to take that money. So I ask him how that is good for them, not only does it screw his constituents, it screws every American. He attempts to tell me that if he doesn't take it they will spend it elsewhere. From here he tells me that the changes have to come from washington not on the state level. So I tell him that it's about leading the example and bringing changes from local to state to washington but he respectfully disagrees with me.

Next I brought up how all these states are nullifying bills that overstep the countries constitution and also the states. I reminded him that he swore an oath to protect both and he's not attempting to protect either. So he then attemps to question me on the states constitution as if I haven't read it... "well what are they breaking in the Ohio constitution?" So I explain it's very, very similiar to the countries constitution... Free speech, Right to a trial, not to answer for a crime your not accused of, etc. So he starts talking about civil war and how he doesn't want to cause a civil war, our country has already had one. I bring up that why would you not take a stand, it's part of your oath, and why would you want to be the last state and not the first state or person to take a stand...

So from here he says "Well I know that this won't make you feel better, but I am working on a anti-drone legislation." I told him it did make me feel better on that specific issue but not the other ones. He tells me that ACLU is all over him about civil liberties and doing something about it and tries to tell me that (R) are better on civil liberties then (D)... I lol'ed a little.
He did mention that he was in total opposition to the patriot act.

This is where he starts digging more... He says "What did you think about the Paul fillibuster?" I said I thought it was great. "So you like Rand Paul?" "Yes." "So, you like Ron Paul?" Yes. "I knew it!"

Next he starts talking about the gambling on his own... so I say that's my next question. Do you think that politicians and b's should legislate morality? And he says "I think that they should write and uphold the law. so I immediately say that's a cop out and doesn't answer my question. Morality and law are different...Your morals could be completely different then mine.

This is where it gets fun... Since I was being questioned the whole time by his wife she jumps in... So how do you feel about gay marriage? I explain, get government out. My view is it's between a man, a woman, there church and their preacher. Why do I need to pay and get permission from the state? I said if your a christian and you believe that's what marriage is, you can go to bed everynight laughing, knowing that gay people aren't "really," married... Problem solved. So she says "So what if someone wants to marry a coke bottle, or a dog?" I told her that she sounded like an extreme liberal on the opposite side trying to bring up any argument possible to make a point against me. She didn't respond. He says to me "I agree."
She looks at him and says...wait....you do?????

At one point in the interview he asked me if I thought he was lying to me. I said your a politician, so theres a pretty good chance your lying to me.

Later his wife brings up that he always replies to people, calls them back, etc. And I brought up that now I know they're lying because they never responded to me when I have contacted.

This guy doesn't do anything, so I don't understand why he would start now. I feel like he was just trying to find a common ground with me and agree with as much as he could. He is busy and he owns a business, for the salary he makes he doesn't give people what they should be getting. I guess I just don't see how you go from being a sponsor of only 1 bill and co-sponsoring a few (all meaningless) to all the sudden wanting to write meaningful legislation. His excuse for this stuff not getting into action was a poor excuse since it is happening all over the country and his excuse about to much on their plates is also very poor. It if your job to represent and I know that doesn't mean your legislation gets passed but be a voice. Ohio is in bad shape and we need some active, young and caring "Statesmen."

03-18-2013, 02:59 AM
I know there are some typo and grammatical errors in there... Apologize I had to write quickly and go.

And lastly... Opinion: Good person? or Good politician?