View Full Version : Senate Dems May Sink Obama’s Second Term Strategy

02-08-2013, 01:20 PM
"Why would anybody not own a gun?"

-- Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., quoted by USA Today when asked about whether he was a gun owner as part of the newspaper’s survey on congressional gun ownership. The survey found 165 gun owners in Congress, including 46 Democrats.

In the first half of his first term, President Obama could count on then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to shove her members into politically damaging votes in order to advance his agenda.

Whether it was a new government-run insurance program or global warming fees, Pelosi was willing to walk into the fire for Obama. While those initiatives failed, they gave Obama leverage in getting something out of balky moderate Democrats in the Senate.

There would be no Obama health-insurance entitlement program had Pelosi not kept the heat on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The results for Pelosi’s members, though, were disastrous.

Republicans were able to use Obama’s unpopular health law in almost every district, and could augment those attacks with carbon fees and other votes with regional specificity. And when that wasn’t enough, they could use the unpopular Pelosi herself as a cudgel. This set up a Midterm wipeout just ahead of 2010 redistricting and a huge GOP majority with serious staying power.

Now, the president’s ambitious second-term agenda hangs on convincing Senate Democrats to take similar risks on his behalf.

Obama today heads to the Senate Democratic retreat in Annapolis and brings with him a bulging binder of demands:

The president is seeking a gun ban, same-sex marriage, another round of tax increases, the continued power to kill American citizens without trial for ties to militant Islamists, the confirmation of a Defense secretary who stammered and staggered his way through confirmation hearings, more stimulus spending, a speedy and broad amnesty for illegal immigrants, ratification of a global warming treaty and more, more, more.

Obama’s strategy is to get what he can out of his list and in everything else keep House Republicans on defense. By applying pressure on House Republicans through community organizing precepts, Obama believes that he can “break the fever” of conservative opposition and remake the Republican Party into something more amenable to his aims.

Liberals and establishment press outlets have cheered on the president’s confrontational “go for the throat” strategy. They relish the fight and also hold conservatives in low esteem, not understanding the ideology, and so assume that Republican opposition to Obama is, as he says, cynical and unpatriotic.

This sounds like a good strategy, but for the United States Senate.

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