View Full Version : Bill Clinton, LINCOLN + The Golden Globes... tonite

01-13-2013, 08:45 PM
i had to look, i had to see if LINCOLN will sweep the Oscars. saw Bill Clinton intro the film
that has quotes from the Congressional Record. still think LINCOLN could pick up some
Oscars even though Quentin Tarantino just got a GG award for his DJANGO screenplay
and poor Sally Fields got snubbed in favor of another actress. odds are an Oscar sweep
for LINCOLN will generate new 1800s and/or Lincoln threads here, or bump all old ones as
the RPF's mods & admin diligently give Hot Topics a civil Civil War quaintness. Yep! Arnold
giving a foreign film award to a fellow Austrian as Sly Stalone grinned and did look on was
cool, but eclipsed by Hillary's spouse. SNL + writers have sadly taken over the Golden Globes.