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Natural Citizen
12-19-2012, 01:57 AM
This is an old Fox News report which investigated the phenomenon of youth who have been subjected to the pharmaceutical industry and their complicit psychiatrists. These youth, like those recently, eventually resorted to very violent actions. It's not as if the msm are not aware of the phenomenon while they remain complicit in running interference for the very pharmaceutical industry who sponsors "We Ask, You Decide" years later. How quickly they forget. Apparently it's not convenient now to remember the relevance in reporting the issue as it was in years passed. All one has to do today is watch the commercials in between the "news". In doing so should leave the viewer with a clear notion of who they now speak for.

It's just an observation but it doesn't seem as if the "We Ask, You Decide" model is working out. Well...not as far as stimulating the citizens awareness of what's going on anyhow. My advice would be to spread this video and relevant discussion similar too it far and wide. You ask. Because they won't. Not anymore. Nope. There's no money in it.

In 2002, Fox National News reported Douglas Kennedy exposed the link between psychiatric drugs and school shootings. In September 2005, following confirmation that Red Lake Indian Reservation school shooter, Jeff Weise, was under the influence of the antidepressant Prozac, the National Foundation of Women Legislators, together with American Indian tribal leaders, called for a Congressional investigation into the correlation between psychiatric drug use and school massacres. Congress has yet to investigate the role of psychiatric drugs relating to school shootings despite international drug regulators warning these drugs can cause mania, psychosis, hallucinations, suicide and homicidal ideation. At least eight of the recent school shooters were under the influence of such drugs, and according to media reports, investigators working on the Virginia Tech school shootings, Cho Seung-Hui may also have been taking drugs for "depression."