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12-11-2012, 07:47 AM
Should the U.S stay in Afghanistan?

Rep. Walter Jones Congressman (R-N.C.) :


I recently spoke in the Republican Cconference. Everyone was talking about the debt ceiling, this deal, that deal. I said, Madam Chair, I want to speak on behalf of the five Marines and one soldier recently shot and killed by the Afghans they were training. How many more young men and women have to die at the hands of the Afghans they are trying to help?

We need to wake up. We need to get out of Afghanistan. Thereís nothing weíre going to change, and yet, in both parties, this issue is not even making the Top 10 list of the leadershipís concern. We lost 32 Americans in October and November.

I have signed over 10,800 letters to families and extended families since we went into Iraq. I still write the letters because kids are still dying. I donít know where the outrage is here in Congress. I donít see it except for a few Democrats and Republicans. Not to mention weíre spending money we donít even have over there.

Weíre having a meeting in December with a few people from outside of Congress. Weíre going to see if we can put pressure on Congress to debate on the House floor some kind of legislative vehicle that would start the process of bringing troops home in fall of 2013. If we wait until December 2014, which is the current timeline, it will surely slip into 2015. All the polling as recently as two months ago shows 70 percent of Americans want out of Afghanistan.

I donít understand why the leadership in the House is deaf to this call from the American people to bring our troops home - and why they canít see the pain of war.

Iím focused on working with some of the Democrats, and my hope is we can get some sort of mechanism to force debate on the floor by next spring. Iíve had at least three or four of my Republican friends say that if I can get the right vehicle on the floor for debate, theyíll back me.

Iím going to keep beating this drum because the American people want us out.

12-11-2012, 08:07 AM
Hmm...Another reason why Boehner might want to see Jones go bye bye. Getting in the way of the empire.