View Full Version : Seven Lessons The Stock Market Could Give Republicans by Paul Whitfield

11-09-2012, 02:40 PM
Lesson #2 is where he gets into the good stuff:

"Lesson No. 2: Look for new growth. Smart investors zero in on the new. It might become a big thing. But Republicans can't see the new, even when it's directly in front of them. Libertarian-leaning Republicans have done fairly well recently, but the blue-blood GOP establishment hates them. Congressman Ron Paul is retiring, but several libertarian Republicans did well in this election, including Thomas Massie in Kentucky, Rep. Justin Amash in Michigan and Kerry Bentivolio in Michigan. How is the GOP blue-blood types reacting to the new development? Well, they were just as happy when former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson was pushed out of the GOP debates, and went off with the Libertarian Party. The blue-blood Republicans fought to take delegates from Paul when the nomination for Romney was already assured. And they made sure Paul didn't get a speaking role at the convention, offering a superficial video tribute instead. What goes here? Why fight new growth?"

Read More At IBD: http://news.investors.com/blogs-capital-hill/110912-632884-seven-stock-market-election-lessons-for-republicans.htm#ixzz2BlBSXEV0