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11-06-2012, 09:25 AM
Decision 1: Should I vote?

Some people say that voting constitutes consent, and that voting at all legitimizes a corrupt system. I disagree; the concept of voting is not a contributor to the corruption, and, self-determination being the natural right of every man, voting in and of itself is a legitimate vehicle to express one's will - by definition one cannot consent to a violation of one's natural rights.

I feel that it is important to vote if for no other reason than to deny a corrupt person the opportunity to vote for you. This is the minimum of doing one's part to bring the system back to sanity.

A nice side benefit is the opportunity to observe the mechanics of voting. The details can be very important when working on strategies to combat fraud - and we will need those strategies moving forward.

Decision 2: Should I vote for Romney or Obama, so that I don't "waste" my vote?

No. Don't get caught up in this mental trap. If you vote for either one you are voting for Goldman Sachs to call the shots. Actual policy differences between the two are utterly inconsequential, and Romney will almost certainly be the next coming of George Bush - just as Obama was. To vote for either one is the worst mistake you can make, and the ONLY way to "waste" your vote.

On revenge-taking against Romney for his cheating - while I find this idea compelling, it ultimately fails the "can I live with this" test. Voting for Obama puts your hand of authority on the crimes he commits. Same goes for Romney. Don't do it, people.

Decision 3: Who should I vote for to express my preference for liberty?

As we're not going to win this year, there are several valid options:

a) Write in Ron Paul - as the man who should have been elected President this year, if he is your preference as he is mine, that's what voting is for - to express your preference. It doesn't matter that he won't win, the expression of the preference is the important thing.

b) Vote for Gary Johnson - There could be benefits from having a more viable LP, and if voting for GJ might get them over that threshold, it's a respectable vote.

c) Write in or vote for somebody else - Go for it, if it's your preference.

d) Write in "Satan - why vote for the lesser evil?" - you will at least make a poll worker's job a little bit less boring, for your effort.

e) Vote for no one - This registers as a vote for "none of the above".

Decision 4: Who do I vote for, down-ballot?

That's up to you and the individual candidates you see in your state/districts. Don't vote against someone - only vote for what you believe in!