View Full Version : Mitt Romney America's Puppet Government Shocking Confirmation of Same

11-04-2012, 07:07 PM

ABC has the story and is sitting on it, the US government has all the documents, only the public has been kept in the dark, kept from one of the larger coverups in the past couple of years. Romney election will be Bush 2.0 and worse...

Seems NOBODY has a chance to be president unless they are connected to this type of thing. Basically what we have running this country is the MAFIA who must have something on these puppets. This is why a 'clean' person like Ron Paul or Gary Johnson can't get anywhere.


Not to mention Romney's foreign agents are trying to get ex-CIA agent Michael Scheuer fired from his job.


Now you know how Romney could have the nerve to do what he did in the caucuses and convention, and then lie to the media about it...

Now you know the REST of the story.....

Pass it on so that others can wake up and get the hell out of the right/left paradigm and learn the TRUTH!