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11-03-2012, 12:04 PM

PORTSMOUTH, N.H.—Mitt Romney kicked off a whirlwind weekend of campaigning across the country in the state where he launched his bid for the presidency, expressing confidence that he will win the election.

"New Hampshire won me the Republican nomination, and New Hampshire is going to get me to the White House," the Republican nominee said at the first of four scheduled rallies on Saturday.

Speaking to more than 1,000 voters here at a chilly airport rally, Romney sounded a more retrospective note heading into the final weekend of the campaign.

"I've watched over the last few months as our campaign has gone from a start to a movement. It's not just the size of the crowds. It's the conviction and compassion in the hearts of the people," Romney said. "It's made me strive to be more worthy of the support I have received across the country and to campaign as I would govern, to speak for the aspirations of all Americans, not just some Americans."

From here, Romney will travel to Dubuque, Iowa, and then to Colorado, where he will hold rallies in Colorado Springs and Englewood. He'll spend the night in Des Moines, where he's scheduled to hold a rally Sunday morning.

Saturday's rally was Romney's first appearance in this hotly contested swing state in more than a month. Romney launched his campaign in the state in June 2011 and will hold his final rally here on Monday night in Manchester. Recent polls have found the GOP nominee statistically tied with President Barack Obama heading into Election Day.

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oh crap.. i just noticed this was in the general politics section D:

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Learned a long time ago that you gotta get up mighty early in the morning to beat these newshounds to the punch.

Matt Collins
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Well....he's right.

It's a "bowel" Movement.

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