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Ron Paul Roundup (11-20-07)
by RS Davis (http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=194780914&blogID=330352736&Mytoken=7FA8B14E-4A65-4679-AF42F706FE4C77D330243373)

Hello Freedomphiles! Let's start today's Roundup with more on the Liberty Dollar Raid. Well, it seems as if Ron Paul isn't the only visage in the sights of the feds (http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Feature-Article.htm?Inf..026868):

Phoenix Fake News Press -- In a stunning raid sure to shock the young and the "young at heart" alike, agents of the FBI have arrested Mickey and Minney Mouse, Donald Duck and a host of popular cartoon characters. They also seized an unknown quantity of "Disney Dollars", a popular currency at many vacation spots world wide.

According to anonymous sources in the FBI, "we're not stopping here. Anyone who has used or continues to hold Disney Dollars can expect the same treatment".


According to papers obtained by Phoenix Fake News Press, a 5,000 page indictment filed by FBI agents states "these terrorists are screwing with us and it's time we showed them who's boss".

The indictment specifically names "Mickey, A.K.A. Osama Bin Mouse, Minney A.K.A. Terrorist Mouse, Donald A.K.A. Destructive Duck and anybody else we catch in a fuzzy costume".

That's some funny shit right there, but it does illustrate an underlying weakness with the FBI's case. There are quite literally dozens of competing, non-government currency in circulation in America. Here's a list of some, as compiled by lovely and alert Freedomphile Nettie:

Amesbury Hours Amesbury, Massachusetts
Anacostia Hours [1] Mount Rainier, Maryland
Area Bucks Palo Alto, California
Atlanta Hours Atlanta, Georgia
Bainbridge Island Bucks Bainbridge Island, Washington
Baltimore Hours [2] Baltimore, Maryland
Barter Bucks Indianapolis, Indiana
Bay Area Bucks [3] Traverse City, Michigan
Berea Bucks Berea, Kentucky
Berkeley Barter Network Berkeley, California
Berkeley Bread Berkeley, California
BerkShares, Southern Berkshires, Massachusetts
BloomingHours [4] Bloomington, Indiana
Blue Money Brattleboro, Vermont
BNI [5] Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey
Boise Hours Boise, Idaho
Brattleboro Hours Chesterfield, New Hampshire
Brookings Bucks Brookings, South Dakota
Brooklyn Greenbacks Brooklyn, New York
Buffalo Hours Buffalo, New York
Buffalo Mountain Hours Hardwick, Vermont
Bull City Bucks Durham, North Carolina
Burlington Bread [6] Burlington, Vermont
Butte Bucks Crested Butte, Colorado
Cape Anne Dollars Gloucester, Massachusetts
Capitol Area Self-Sustaining Hours Albany, New York
Carbondale Spuds Carbondale, Colorado
Chenango Hours New Berlin, New York
Columbia County Hours Philmont, New York
Columbia Hours Columbia, Missouri
Community Cash Durango, Colorado
Cuyahoga Hours Cleveland, Ohio
Dillo Hours Austin, Texas
Disney Dollar Disneyland and Disneyworld
Flagstaff Neighborly Notes [7] Flagstaff, Arizona
Floyd Hours Floyd, Virginia
Fourth Corner Exchange [8] Pacific Northwest
Great Lakes Hours Detroit, Michigan
Green Mountain Hours [9] Montpelier, Vermont
Greyhound Bucks Taft, Texas
Hero dollar Minneapolis, Minnesota
High Desert Dollars Prescott, Arizona
Hobo Dough South Dakota State University, Brookings, South Dakota
Hollandollars Holland, Michigan
Houston Hours Houston, Texas
Humboldt Hours Eureka, California
Humboldt exchange community currency Arcata, California
Ithaca Hours Ithaca, New York
Kansas City Barter Bucks Kansas City, Missouri
Kauai Barter and Trade Network [10] Kilauea, Hawaii
Kettle River Hours Kettle Falls, Washington
Kitsap Hours Bremerton, Washington
Lehigh Valley Barter Hours Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Liberty Dollars [11] Evansville, IN
Lopez Island Hours Lopez Island, Washington
Madison Hours [12] Madison, Wisconsin
Mendocino SEED Fort Bragg, California
Middletown Cash Middletown, CT, Wesleyan University
Milwaukee Hours Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Missoula Hours Missoula, Montana
Mo' Money [13] New Orleans, Louisiana
Mountain Money [14] Mars Hill, North Carolina
NOCO Hours [15]Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland, Colorado
North Fork Helping Hands Paonia, Colorado
PDXhours Portland, Oregon
P.E.N. Neighborhood Exchange Takoma Park, Maryland
Plenty [16] Carrboro, North Carolina
Portage Hours Kent, Ohio
REAL Dollars [17] Lawrence, Kansas
RiverHOURS [18]Columbia River Gorge, USA
San Luis Obispo Hours San Luis Obispo, California
Sand Dollars Bolinas, California
Santa Barbara Hours Santa Barbara, California
Santa Fe Hours Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Monica Hours Santa Monica, California
Sequoia Hours Garberville, California
Simply Hours Columbus, Ohio
Skagit Dollars Mount Vernon, Washington
Sonoma County Community Cash Santa Rosa, California
Stoneridge Hours Kerhonkson, New York
Summit Hours Akron, Ohio
Thread City Bread Willimantic, Connecticut
Time Bucks [19] Seattle, Washington
Tulsa Hours Tulsa, Oklahoma
Ukiah Hours [20] Ukiah, California
Valley Dollars Greenfield, Massachusetts
Waldo Hours Unity, Maine
Wash Bucks Sioux City, Iowa
Wooster Hours Apple Creek, Ohio

I expect all these places to be raided, especially considering those currencies, like the thousands of arcade tokens in my house, have no independent value. Liberty Dollars are made of gold, silver, or copper, which has value all its own.

Sticking with the Mickey business, though, I want to draw your attention to a more serious article (http://blog.washingtonpost.com/the-trail/2007/11/19/if_its_good_enough_for_mickey.html)that makes the same point. From The Washington Post, with a little local Missouri flavor:

This argument met with ridicule over the weekend from the prolific on-line network of Ron Paul supporters and sound money advocates, some of whom sarcastically predicted that the feds would next be going after Disneyworld for selling "Disney Dollars" for use inside the amusement park. "Here is a Mickey Mouse coin issued by that criminal, separatist organization, the Walt Disney Corporation. Did someone fail Common Sense 101?" wrote one commenter on the Post's Web site, offering a link to an image of the offending Mickey dubloon. Wrote another, "With commemorative coins advertised in every Sunday newspaper, and given the Donald Duck silver coins sold at Disney Land, this is an obvious attack on Ron Paul, a legitimate Presidential candidate, by the Federal Government. I am going to respond by going to Ron Paul's web site, easily found with Google, and giving $100 today."

Lawrence White, an economics professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, said Liberty Dollar supporters had a point in charging overreaction on the part of the federal government. The question to be asked of Liberty Dollars, he said, is whether they make any sense for customers to buy -- while the certificates may offer a hedge for those convinced that the dollar will go in the tank, they come with the obvious downside that it is difficult to find others willing to accept the Liberty Dollars as a legal tender (though not in Berryville, Ark., where, according to the chamber of commerce, about half of the town's 80 merchants accept Liberty Dollars.)But that choice should be up to Americans to make, White said. "Unless they think people are being defrauded, it seems absurd to me," he said of the raid."The public ought to have a choice. Thank goodness we have an alternative to the post office."

The LewRockwell.com blogs are calling out (http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/017014.html)David Bernstein on his smear of Ron Paul as a racist anti-semite:

Amending his post that I linked to earlier, Volokh Conspirator and GMU law professor David Bernstein says that he has received e-mail from Ron Paul supporters asking him to reconsider his view. He writes:

[N]ot surprisingly, none of them have provided any indication that my description of the Paul coalition is inaccurate, or that Paul has gone out of his way to discourage support from the conspiracy-mongers and "white nationalists."

Just to recap, Professor Bernstein's "description of the Paul coalition" is that it consists of "conspiracy theorists, southern secessionists, Nazis and fascists, anti-Semites and racists."

How bizarre for a law professor, of all people, to place the burden of proof on Ron Paul supporters to prove they are not Nazis. One would think that supporting Ron Paul's policies, which are the opposite of National Socialism, would at least suffice to shift the burden back to the Professor!

In better news, PrisonPlanet.com is reporting (http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/november2007/191107_zogby_poll.htm) that Ron Paul absolutely cleaned up in a recent Zogby national blind poll:

As part of a spread poll commissioned by Jones Productions, respondents were provided with descriptions of four different candidates and asked to choose who they would vote for based on each one's attributes and political platform...


...32.8 per cent chose the description matching Ron Paul, while just 18.6 percent chose the description matching Rudy Giuliani. Just 12.6 per cent went for Fred Thompson's description while 15.1 per cent went for Mitt Romney.

The results clearly illustrate that the country is crying out for Ron Paul, which is why the establishment have launched a PR offensive to marginalize him in order to suppress the Congressman's name recognition.

The sample used for the poll had mainly never or rarely used websites popular with Ron Paul supporters, such as You Tube, MySpace and Facebook, showing that if Internet users who don't use land lines were more fairly represented, the numbers would be even more in favor of the Congressman.

Now, the key is to just to show these people that their wish-list for a candidate is not hypothetical - it is embodied in the person of Dr Ron Paul!

Brian Doherty of reason magazine is reporting (http://www.reason.com/blog/show/123587.html) about an email sent out from the Libertarian Party showing support for Republican Ron Paul:

...due to the quantity of respectful e-mails, letters and phone calls that I receive from our own members, even if I tried, I could not ignore the fact that many Libertarians are excited about the candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul for the Republican nomination. In no way, shape or form, can I ignore the positive impact Dr. Paul's campaign is making on America. I'm not asking you to do that either.

If you are a supporter of the Paul campaign and you want to send a message to the delegates of the 2008 Libertarian National Convention, you have the option to do so with this new program. If you are hopeful that Ron Paul (or another candidate) will seek the LP nomination, even as a "Plan B," you can make a donation to show your support for a future/unannounced candidate (please include your preferred candidate's name in the comment box when donating). Also, if you feel that the LP should not run a presidential candidate in 2008, you can put your support behind NOTA (none of the above).

Sweetaction. Of course, you all know I am a hardcore libertarian. Or would that be xxLIBERTARIANxx?

In money news, people are still talking about the money bomb. The Orange County Register is talking (http://www.ocregister.com/news/paul-sugra-sheriff-1925228-election-character) about the genesis of the idea, which happened among our friends at RonPaulForums.com:

Paul's rush in publicity came thanks to a mind-bending $4 million-plus raised online for his campaign on Nov. 5. And the initiative to raise that money started with Sugra, 28, who has never even met Paul.

Paul's message particularly resonates for Sugra, who makes and sells clothing labels and hangtags. He got the inspiration to launch a massive fundraiser drive and inspiration is no understatement.

"There was an energy that came over me to this I still do not understand," he writes on RonPaulForums.com.

And The Ocala Star Banner has a very nice piece (http://www.ocala.com/article/20071118/OPINION/211180303/1368/googlesitemapnews)on Ron Paul right now:

In fairness, Ron Paul is not the typical candidate.

The free-market economics that he advocates is the antithesis of special-interest politics. His non-interventionist foreign policies might not play well with conservative commentators, and his pro-life position is a hard sell with many on the left. This leaves him without many of the traditional bases from which campaigns typically grow.

Perhaps this is why he has been marginalized for so long.

But these are not typical times. The country is aching for a change. The 2006 election proved that.

But the only alternative being offered by the Democrats is a turn to the left, accompanied by a tepid drawdown of the war in Iraq. Ron Paul offers a real alternative to the big government liberalism offered by the left and the big government conservatism offered by the right.

Paul's message of peace, freedom and prosperity is attracting a diverse group of supporters that includes conservative, liberals, independents, libertarians and Americans of all stripes looking for a new way forward. This diverse coalition of support is changing the dynamics of the presidential race in a way not seen for generations.

USADaily is writing (http://www.usadaily.com/article.cfm?articleID=168526) about Ron Paul and the issue of fiat money:

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas is calling for the return of sound money, i.e., an eventual restoration of the gold standard. With the U.S. dollar's purchasing power falling on foreign exchange markets, Dr. Paul has diagnosed the greenback's condition correctly; the Federal Reserve is debasing the nation's monetary unit.

All the other candidates have not addressed the money issue because they either do not understand how the Federal Reserve's policies are causing the dollar to depreciate, or they have been told by the financial elites not to talk about the FED.

It is astonishing that as the dollar has lost more than 50% of its value against the Euro in the past four years, the silence is deafening in the presidential debates, except for the insightful statements by Dr. Paul about our nation's monetary system. Dr. Paul has pointed out time and time again how the FED manipulates interest rates by injecting new money into the economy fueling the unsustainable boom that inevitably ends in a bust.

In People's Weekly World, a publication that describes itself (http://www.pww.org/article/static/320/)as "partisan to the working class, racially and nationally oppressed peoples, women, youth, seniors, international solidarity, Marxism and socialism. We enjoy a special relationship with the Communist Party USA, founded in 1919, and publish its news and views," Jim Lane provides us with the Stalin-side (http://www.pww.org/article/view/12076/)of the Ron Paul debate:

Many of Ron Paul's other stated positions may raise antennae. As one might expect, he is strongly pro-gun and anti-abortion. He condemns the United Nations. He opposes eminent domain, not because it is misused for corporate interests but because he believes "property is sacred." He wants to return to the gold standard. His proposed legislation for a federal voucher system would completely undermine public education. He says, "I support giving educational control back to parents." Ron Paul is thoroughly anti-immigrant. He sees no reason why government should play any role whatsoever in stopping racism.

What Rep. Ron Paul advocates, in short, is the idea that raw capitalism, its "invisible hand" unchecked by centuries of democratic workers' struggle, would solve all ills in 2008. It would be true, if our ills were those of serfdom or outright slavery. Capitalism did, indeed, put an end to barbarism and bring in an economic system with incredibly higher standards of production and fewer horrors from the caprices of royal aristocrats. But that was 400 years ago, and this is now.

You can't really categorize this as a hit piece - I mean, what kind of an endorsement would a free market advocate expect from a bunch of Commies?

Hal Taylor writes (http://www.nationalledger.com/artman/publish/article_272617319.shtml) in The National Ledger:

I have no visions of grandeur for Dr. Paul. I understand that he is the longest of long shots to win this thing or even keep it interesting. I'm more interested in keeping his ideas alive and perhaps moving the Republican Party back to where it belongs. Now that a small percentage of the crazies have taken the campaign to new lows, it is far too easy to pigeonhole all of us a tin foil hat wearing nuts. And that's a shame.

Okay, here's the "Gasp!" moment. Hal is right. One of the functions of this Roundup is to help supporters present the best face to the public, because without them, we are toast. We should really ask ourselves, WWRPD? What would Ron Paul do?

When we see Ron Paul in debates, he is calm, rational, and has the facts on his side. We need to be the same way. It's okay to flock to polls and wave signs and cheer and all the excited things we do. That is great. It makes people wonder what is so great about this guy that people are this excited.

But we need to do our best to show people that we are also normal, everyday Americans - mothers, fathers, doctors, factory workers - all regular Joe's that see something great in Ron Paul. The poll above shows that the majority of Americans agree with Ron Paul on the issues, but we cannot become a stumbling block to his success.

Like it or not, if people associate Ron Paul with crazies, they will not support him - no matter how much sense he makes. Because they don't want to be associated with the black helicopter party.

Look - if you think 9/11 was an inside job, or that the Illuminati controls the world, or that the Republicans have put a giant, radioactive marmoset in your tool shed, that's fine. I don't care personally. But for the next year or so, let's focus on the things that most Americans can get behind. Low taxes, low spending, individual liberty, and a humble foreign policy. That's where our best chance lies.

Now, off the soap box and back into the fray. Andrew Walden of The American Thinker is having some American thoughts (http://www.americanthinker.com/2007/11/ron_paul_is_a_useful_man_for_d.html)that Ron Paul is good for Democrats:

Some of Paul's gold bug supporters been trying to pass so-called "Liberty Dollars" off as real currency at stores nationwide. Sleepy clerks have given them change in US currency for purchases. Raids have been conducted in the last few days by the FBI and Secret Service at Liberty Dollar HQ in a strip mall office in Evansville, Indiana, (that's not where I would be keeping three pounds of gold, but I digress) as well as Asheville, NC (here the segregationist 'Council of Conservative Citizens' is very concerned) and a private mint located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Arrests were also made recently in Wisconsin (on their blogsite, these geniuses detail three places where the spent Liberty Dollars as if they were legal tender). In 2006 two arrests had been made in Buffalo, NY. The Evanston raid netted a huge load of "Ron Paul Dollars" apparently just delivered from Idaho and backed perhaps by the full faith and credit of... Ron Paul?

My response to this should get you back on my side. This is absolute stupidity. First of all, if I go to McDonald's and pay with Monopoly money, whose fault is that? Mine, definitely. The idiot clerk who took it, for sure. Parker Brothers? Not bloody likely.

The second point is if someone gave me a Liberty Dollar for a fifty cent item and I gave them fifty cents change, who is that hurting? The idiot who gave me the Liberty Dollar, of course. Those things are worth way more than an actual dollar.

The whole piece is a real smear campaign, using the same lazy, tired "guilt-by-association" rhetoric that you see from the NeoCons (and I don't mean Jew) lately. Hell, even the Communist piece was more reasoned and rational than this load of crap.

We've reached the end, so I'll see you tomorrow, and don't forget to donate on December 16th!


11-20-2007, 01:46 PM
Look - if you think 9/11 was an inside job, or that the Illuminati controls the world, or that the Republicans have put a giant, radioactive marmoset in your tool shed, that's fine. I don't care personally. But for the next year or so, let's focus on the things that most Americans can get behind. Low taxes, low spending, individual liberty, and a humble foreign policy. That's where our best chance lies.

You are the man RSDavis. I love your roundup. Plus I just found my signarture. A-thank you sir. :eek:

11-20-2007, 01:56 PM
You are the man RSDavis. I love your roundup. Plus I just found my signarture. A-thank you sir. :eek:

Thanks! I don't post my other blogs here because they aren't usually about Dr Paul, but come check them out!

- Rick

11-21-2007, 11:48 PM
haha dude you're awesome!! nice roundups every time! ;)

11-23-2007, 09:15 AM
haha dude you're awesome!! nice roundups every time! ;)

Thanks, man!

11-23-2007, 11:50 AM
The way things are going in this country, If Paul is not the next President, we will all face being rounded up including Paul.

Glenn Beck's statement I believe eludes to this.

All who have supported Dr. Paul and including Dr. Paul are now considered anti-government.

You are now in the company you wish to distance yourself from.