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10-26-2012, 07:03 AM
The tradition at Liberty is to introduce every presidential election with a symposium of libertarian views about whom to vote for: the Democrat, the Libertarian, the Republican, and No One at All. This year, we are happy to follow the tradition with commentary by four expert analysts, each well known to our readers: Drew Ferguson, Jon Harrison, Wayland Hunter, and Gary Jason. There's enough here to get anyone's blood boiling.


"The Case for Johnson" is very well stated, in my opinion...

Clearly [Gary Johnson's] America is too badass a country for the cultural elites to allow even a fleeting image to lodge in the minds of most American voters. But if such a vision is to get any foothold in this great land ó if we are to pull back from the ledge at any moment before we fling ourselves pell-mell over it ó we must show in this election that there is some opposition left, some coherent alternative to wars and prisons and empire...

So letís get this straight: Johnson will not win. And he will not place. But he must show, and show strong, to indicate that there is a future for libertarian thought in American governance. This election, donít waste your vote on the big guys. And donít let it pass into nothingness. Give it to someone who can actually use it, someone who can channel the voices of millions of Americans who are fed up with the system and its phonies, its cronies, and its crooks. Vote Gary Johnson.

The whole article is an excellent read, no matter how you've decided to vote (or not...)

10-26-2012, 08:37 AM
This election, don’t waste your vote on the big guys.

I love this line.