View Full Version : Police State USA: In Amerika there will Never be a Real Debate

10-24-2012, 05:02 PM

God help them if Obama and Romney ever had to participate in a real debate about a real issue at the Oxford Union. They would be massacred.
The “debates” revealed that not only the candidates but also the entire country is completely tuned out to every real problem and dangerous development.

How can..?
How could..?
Why did..?
What does..?

Brainwashed Americans pay large taxes at every level of government for protection against gratuitous violence, but what their taxes support is gratuitous violence against themselves. Every American, except for the small number of mega-rich who control Washington, can be arrested and dispossessed, both liberty and property, on the basis of nothing but an allegation of a member of the executive branch

What is the point of a vote when the outcome is the same?

10-24-2012, 05:14 PM
That's a great article, crap, everything I am reading today is depressing as hell.

+rep, thanks a lot......:rolleyes:

That article got me to looking and I ended up here http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2012/10/obamas-blue-shirts-homeland-security-graduates-1st-class-of-fema-youth-corps-2507962.html