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10-21-2012, 12:53 AM
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Stories and reports of disenfranchisement of military personnel have been popping up. Most of the ones I've seen have been from the "right" and I remember seeing like theories during previous campaigns.

In the interest of presenting another angle on this, here is my recent experience. I was emailed my ballot from my home of record (HOR) a couple of weeks ago. After printing it out, I looked in vain for the inner and outer envelopes I'd picked up in town during the summer. The outer one was addressed to the appropriate town clerk and I was to write as return address, my residence address and ward number.

So I went to the voter assistance office on base to get some generic envelopes. The person there (enlisted) was very helpful and I believe there was no conspiracy to invalidate/lose my vote. However, there were a couple of problems.

One: the return address lines required my APO address. All other times, the town clerk asked that I put in my residential address and ward number (since we are voting for representatives to the state legislative body).

Two: I was asked for my HOR, which the individual was having difficulty spelling. So I was them asked for my county. This was looked up in a book, I thought, and written in FOR ME on the outer envelope. Problem is, she didn't write in the county, she wrote in the town in NH with the same name as my county.

So I left all excited about getting my vote in the mail. Then I realized the mistake. The office had closed by then. So I sat up till 3AM calling town hall till someone could get to the phone (busy place) and tell me...

One: Write my town street address and ward number for the return address; and

Two: write in the town clerk address (and that it was okay for me to scratch out the wrong address and write in the correct one above it).

Three: the people working these voting assistance offices often have received very little training. They are just doing their best.

So do you think anyone in Hillsboro, NH, would know what to do with an absentee ballot sent from some APO address by a person not registered to vote in that town?

I spoke with someone who works at the local AFN, and he said that they couldn't discuss such things on the air; but could contact the people in charge of that service and they could come on and talk about it, take questions, etc. He also said I could fill out and "ICE" form, evaluating services to the military, since it would then have to be addressed.

Anyway, I made the corrections and the vote is in the mail. One nice thing is the military sends along all ballots free of charge and expedited. So spread the word to anyone who hasn't voted yet to double check the addresses before sending. I assume if people have no street address in their HOR, they might have to use their military address; but I think that would be the only reason for using it.

10-21-2012, 12:58 AM
it's not like they got anyone to vote for anyway

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