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10-05-2012, 03:42 PM
I just ran across this guy by accident.

Name: Andre Nigel Barnett
Age: 35
Born: Zanesville, Ohio
Marital Status: Engaged
Current Residence: Poughkeepsie, NY
Position / Employer: WiseDome, Inc.


Mr. Barnett is a visionary. He is an Information Technology Service Disabled Veteran Small Business Owner, with an emphasis on security and educated at Austin Peay State Univ. and Western Governors Univ. From 1996 – 2000, Mr. Barnett served in the US Army. In 2000, he was chaptered out of the military due to an helicopter incident-related injury, and was told the injury would end his career both in the military and in the fitness arena. Never any person decide his fate, within 3 years he became a fitness model while simultaneously starting the company WiseDome, Inc. Within 7 years Mr. Barnett was one of NY’s top fitness models and was also working with various federal agencies and corporations providing information technology services.

After leaving the military, he continued to serve alongside the US Armed Forces, CIA, FBI, NATO and various other organizations in the information technology field on various fronts throughout America, Western Europe, the former Yugoslavia, and the Middle East.

Week after week, we have seen the rise and fall of GOP Presidential hopefuls. In the Gallop Polls we have seen the rise of Rick Perry, the rise and fall of Herman Cain and now the newest “it guy” Newt Gingrich contending with Mitt Romney and next week it may be someone else. It seems as though the conservative American public is turning to anyone who is available in hopes of finding a true leader. It’s worse than choosing the lesser of evils, it’s choosing ANYONE who the media is shining the light on at the time. We really have not been presented with quality choices in this Presidential Race. We do have a choice, but we need to know what our choices are. The media creates smoke screens through the constant attention of the GOP candidates and them only. There is more! What we need is true leadership.

We need leadership that is non-biased, for the people, returning the Government back over to the hands of the people, not political parties or power-hungry politicians. What has been presented to us thus far in this Presidential race by the most popular candidates have been nothing but a presentation of problems, mudslinging and finger-pointing, but no solid solutions. In these desperate times, we cannot afford to have a frivolous leader or a circus master. We need a President.

Presidential Candidate Andre Barnett, is bringing solid solutions and authentic leadership. His insignia is “We The People”. He believes in our true democracy in every area of government, a country run by the people. As a military veteran with true conservative values, Andre believes our leadership needs to uphold the same vow to God and Country as do those embodying the true essence of public service, the men and women of our nation’s Armed Forces. He knows that our faith and core value system is the foundation of this Country and is the very root of this Nation. He understand that if we are to stand and remain a nation with true freedoms intact, we must restore the moral standard and faith in leaders of this great nation.

Endorsed by the Fredrick Douglas Foundation, Andre Barnett is about solutions, bringing moral standards back to this nation. His Healthcare and Economic plan is unparalleled. Having lived abroad in many countries through his military tenure, as well as his civilian life, he understands international relations and foreign policy. His leadership style is also his motto: “Lead by Example”. Andre Barnett is Presidential. Having never served in a public office, he is pure and untainted. His style, demeanor and speech is Presidential. He is solid in his beliefs and never waivers. He is ready to give an answer at all times. He is accountable and dependable and is a man of integrity. What America needs is a leader, what America needs is Andre Barnett.

Thank you,

Andre Barnett 2012

God Bless The United States Of America


10-05-2012, 04:02 PM
Yeah, I saw him at the third party debate on Huff post live. Here's a link:

I actually liked him the best out of the three (including Gary Johnson). Of course I don't really know anything about him besides what he presents on his official website and what he said in the debates.