View Full Version : Where life begins, no right to rave

09-14-2012, 12:58 PM
You have no right to rave, even on private property. Instead, you must bend over and expose your ass to the state of Oregon for any such party. Here is what happened to Russell Gorman

We had the perfect spot until someone snitched on us last week. Clackamas County officers came onto the property and said: We know that where life begins is going on here. Now, before that happened we we're going thru a permit process and during we were very close to obtaining the permit. All we needed was a sound variance and we would have been good, but then we got snitched on. The officer's told the property owner that a $25,000 fine would be imposed if we still wanted to do the event there. Now 2 days ago I received a phone call from Clackamas County's attorney saying: they were planning on imposing a restraining order in all of Clackamas County on this event. Then yesterday recieved a message from a Marion County attorney saying up to a $10,000 fine and shut it down for not having a mass gathering permit. Now all of this was dropped on me starting with the police coming to our original location and saying what they said to the owner on Wednesday night. I got the info the following day and from that point on I was on the phone or the computer researching alternative locations. Went thru several leads thursday that were unsuccessful then score 2 spots that property owners seemed interested in our event. 1 was in Toledo, WA and the other was in Banks. So Friday straight after work I drove to Toledo. The spot was great and I thought she was going to say yes but changed her mind on tuesday. Even though that looked promising at the time I still drove to look at a location in Banks Banks spot wasnt going to work because of neighbors and legal issues. Found 4 brand new spots, beautiful resorts and venues that we can use but not for this weekend unfortunately. So it was back to square one again. Was going to cancel on Monday or Tuesday at the latest but got 3 more leads so waited it out. Even considered moving it indoors, but just couldnt lock anything down for one reason or another. But dont think we havent tried! We been busting our asses all day with little sleep all week trying to make this happen for anyone. My intentions have always been good. And to any haters: Eat a dick or try to put yourselfs in my situation. This is a tough business. Especially for outdoors. Extremely hard (almost impossible) to even get permits for out door parties. Some promoters might not want me to say this but it is true. Out door raves are unpermitable but since everyone was bitching we still tried to get one though. Anyways, long story short we tried and did our best until someone snitched us out. So at this point we have no choice but to cancel. Monday morning we are going back to Eugene and applying for the proper permits at a secret festival location for next year. And I promise that it will be the biggest and baddest electronic music event that we will have ever done in our life time. As of now, we still hold the records for largest attended outdoor and largest rsvps for a electronic music event in the state. Unfortunately we have the record for the biggest fines too. Which is another reason why we do not want to take the chance to renegade this event. We are to old and known to be able to get away with that. Maybe if we were some new crew with little name recognition we could get away with that, but that isnt us anymore. It is what it is and when you throw parties like this, you are always putting your ass on the line (blood, sweat, tears, girlfriend and family issues, law enforcement issue...etc) all for the love of these events and scene. So to anyone that still wants to say something, you should just message me online instead of talk shit. Cause this won't be forgetten and dont think after throwing events for 12years that this shit is over by any means! I was throwing parties when most of you were still in grade school. So dont talk shit until you walk in my shoes or do what I have done. Period! ;)