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08-31-2012, 09:24 AM
I am not sure if this is being done anywhere, but this is an easy way to keep people going and moving forward locally that could grow bigger and bigger over time.

I used to go to an event sponsored by the Catholic church called "Theology on Tap". It was meant to get enthusiasm with younger people in the church (20-30s).

Basically, a deal is made with a local bar to provide space for a speaker and listeners. They would bring in a speaker to talk about topics related to Catholic theology, and people would sit down and have a beer and listen. The speaker would usually have a 30 minute speech with 30 minutes of question/answer time. Then people could either leave or stick around and mingle with other young catholics.

It caught on quite well and we had to move to larger and larger facilities. We even had to discourage older church members who started packing the place too since it was supposed to be something for energizing the young people. The only thing that kept it from growing even larger was that they would take breaks and stop doing it for months at a time.

We used to have ours every Wednesday at 7pm. Perfect timing for people to be out of work, you have an hour and can be home soon after 8.

This would be great for having a weekly speech on liberty. I know my local meetup was mainly a bunch of people getting together and just talking about random things and trying to put events together.

Since there will be little need for people to coordinate very many events over the next year or so, keeping people active by going to hear a speech once a week can keep people in contact and on the same page.

It cost the church some money for speakers though. Usually about $100 for the speaker's time plus a small bit for travel expenses a few bucks toward gas and maybe a night in a hotel if necessary. But liberty speakers could be from your local group at first or from a local Toastmaster's group.