View Full Version : Usa Today Goal,call your friends and family and every business you know

11-18-2007, 10:19 AM
CALL ALL HOTELS TO ASK THEM TO DOUBLE THERE ORDERS(especially if you work at the hotels) let them know you will help pay for the extras better deal in bulk thru hotels,so call your front desk friends/housekeeping friends/night auditors and managers and get them doubling/tripling there orders of the usa today nov 21st edition

I CANT WAIT FOR OUR HUGE STACK OF USA TODAYS(at our hotel),im gonna open everyone of them to the Ron Paul Ad ,and place them on all the breakfast tables and the occupied rooms. also anyone that works at hotels should be able to double your orders for the papers, just make sure you pay the boss for the extra papers, calling the other hotel i sometimes work at,to double there orders

Let's call every business we know of,to double their orders. :D