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11-17-2007, 03:29 PM
I posted this late at night the other week and it got burried... I figured this is a better forum, so i re-posted

Thanks in advance if anyone can do this, but I just had a great idea for a potential campaign ad/youtube video.

Let's make a fake Negative Ad... and lets make it purposely over the top and cheesy.

Have sinister music....unflattering pictures... have someone with a menacing voice state Dr. Paul's views:


Show footage of flag covered caskets, Iraqi children crying etc while saying "Ron Paul was the only Republican who voted to PREVENT THE WAR IN IRAQ!!!"

Ron Paul actually believes that American currency should be BACKED BY REAL GOLD!!! (while showing graphics of the dollar being less valuable than the Euro and Canadian Dollar etc...)

Do a few of these (immigration, balanced budget, Patriot Act, lowering taxes etc...)

Close it up with the typical ending: "Ron Paul... Do you really want a man like THIS running YOUR country?"

************************************************** ***************

I believe an Ad like this could serve a dual purpose:

1. It pokes fun of the fact that many people in the mainstream media/ Far Right are criticizing him for his views which make perfect sense.

2. It shows that Dr Paul's stances on the issues are rock solid and can not be smeared, no matter how hard the haters try..

I feel that this could be a powerful message and could help convince people who are on the fence

11-18-2007, 05:16 PM
I think that's EXCELLENT! Go for it.