View Full Version : WVs quandary: no crime rate increase; but prison population quadrupled.

06-18-2012, 06:35 AM

06-18-2012, 07:14 AM
overall its about states trying to figure out how to grow prison populations.

06-18-2012, 07:29 AM
Josef Stalin, eat your heart out

06-18-2012, 07:30 AM
It's all of these "tough on crime" people that get elected. You go to jail for just about anything here.

06-18-2012, 07:31 AM
At some point, after so many people are in prison for non-crimes, you have to question if there comes a point where it becomes a transition of prisons becoming camps, at least to a degree. People in concentration camps tend to not have committed a crime, yet get locked up. As they expand the definition of "crime", more people who haven't committed real crimes are going to get locked up.