View Full Version : Political Training (YOUTH LEADERSHIP SCHOOL) Lincoln, NE AUG 25-26 $15 Before July 25th

06-16-2012, 09:58 PM

Youth Leadership School

2 days and nights, $30 (meals included) Early registration until Jul 25: - $15.00

The Leadership Institute’s flagship school, nicknamed “the boot camp of politics,” provides you with effective techniques to organize and lead massbased youth efforts for candidates and causes of your choice.

The Youth Leadership School has launched more successful political careers than any other Leadership Institute training program.

Topics covered include:
Building an effective student organization
Getting out the vote
Earned media (favorable publicity)
Developing a public relations strategy
Launching a successful career in politics

This is great for all ages but primarily College Students especially ones who want a career in politics. I have went to this before and meals were included. It was at a hotel so we had breakfast at the hotel and they picked up food during the course. People from out of the area can request a room at no charge and during the class if you answer questions right you can earn free books. I left with six books but more importantly I gained a lot from this class.