View Full Version : Help Musicians Lecture Tour of NEW HAMPSHIRE

11-16-2007, 04:53 PM
Help my band be your boots on the ground for Ron Paul the week before the NH Primary. www.myspace.com/americanpirates - I'm asking for donations at the link at the bottom.

Yep, I'm asking for money and/or material support. I'm putting together a tour of lectures and performances promoting Ron Paul before the New Hampshire primary (probably in late December). My friend and guitarist Hambone (Nick) is also interested in going as is Andrew Sharp leader of the IU Student Group (RP). Of course, if you are only going to donate one time---the main campaign is the place to do it--and I'd rather you spend most of your Ron Paul money there. That said, having boots on the ground in New Hampshire is going to be very important in getting a snow ball effect going for Ron Paul. And I must say, It's looking really good for Ron Paul in NH. Just today, On the Sean Hannity radio program, pollster John Zogby said that Texas Congressman Ron Paul could end up surprising the field - and "embarass a lot of the frontrunners" by wildly exceeding expectations taking 15 to 18 percent in the New Hampshire primary. An incredulous Hannity asked, "You don't see any chance he wins this thing, do you?"

I don't know about you, but 15%-18% sounds like 20% to me if the polls are off w/ young voters and independents! Help me be a part of this peaceful Revolution. I've created a Chipin account on the link below. (I hope it's working---I might have to update my Paypal account) I promise you that 100% of the money will go toward boots on the ground action for Ron Paul in New Hampshire and it will be shared amongst those who join the Bloomington/NH concert tour.